Do you know that feeling of always wanting to be accepted by everyone else? Well, it doesn’t matter unless you except yourself first.

We have to love ourselves to have the ability to love others. Now, if you’re like me and at that stage in your life (whatever that maybe or how young or old ) and that you can honestly say to yourself, “Hey, I do really love the human being and person I have become and I look forward to growing and experiencing all I can in my NOW and in my future”! Well then, I must say to you that this is a great place to be!! If you’re not there, that is okay too! We are all on our own journey that will occur in your own time and place. I do however, suggest taking some time to soul search so that you can be in that “knowing place” of loving yourself because being happy with who you are is the first step in true happiness.

Releasing the need of being excepted and getting the approval from others is a sense of freedom that is remarkable. Having that need, “I want/need everyone to like me and everyone needs to understand me”, is unrealistic and expectations with hopes that just let me down and they’re not a good feeling. It’s not a trigger, that triggers a good feeling. It hurts when somebody doesn’t except you or understand you or even like you. When you put forth effort and people don’t reciprocate well then maybe these are the people you should rethink about putting so much effort into?

Also, be realistic with how busy everyone gets and we all need to say no sometimes and be there for our health or family, business or even just to do the things we want to do first.

So this blog is about “knowing yourself” and being free of a limitations! Not only being friends with people that show up in your life every day but a point to spend time with people that want to be with you and don’t take it personally when someone else simply doesn’t feel your vibe or has the time right then & there. Either way you know who is genuine & who is not. Either way just let it go so YOU don’t hurt and build

Even though I know who I am I still loved to soul search. Everyone should always soul-search in their own way however they get to that meditated place whether it’s cooking, gardening, working out, yoga, traveling, reading, etc.

Never stop pushing through your so-called boundaries, fears, limitations all of those things that we placed on ourselves. As, “lines”, that we draw in the sand. Cross, walk over, and keep pushing through because when you look back with how many times in life that you pushed through your own fear, you got through to the other side and when you looked back, you told yourself “wow that wasn’t that scary, all that energy and all that sickness, stomach turning! What a waste of energy but then you became stronger, happier, and healthier because through the adversity you grew the most .

We evolved and we learned and then we grew… We are constantly evolving and growing.

Life is really short and it’s such a beautiful exciting opportunity to be alive! I truly believe this . To feel, taste, touch, see, dance, cry, dream to have the ability to feel and love so much. Let’s live our lives to the fullest with love integrity excitement, joy, happiness & much more.
With warm intentions…
Samantha Bennington