Stylish New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

stylish new year's eve party

With only a month away from the biggest night of the year, it’s high time you started preparing for your wild party. While you probably organized a good party before, this year deserves something completely different that will blow all your guests away. If you don’t have any ideas, here are a few good ones to inspire you. 

Disco Fever night

People dress in sequins, glitter and gold for New Year’s Eve anyway, so you can make the best out of that coincidence and organize a wild Disco Fever night. Go out swinging as you dance to the biggest Studio 54 hits (here’s a handy Spotify playlist). All attendees need to have go-go boots, crazy makeup and wild wigs. Before the clock hits the midnight, put on some Bee Gees and dance the year away. 

“Best of” 2019

This year was outright crazy! So, in anticipation of even crazier things to come (and in homage to all the cultural iconic moments that happened) host a dress-up party. Dress-code: your fave cultural moment of 2019. Old Town Road, Chernobyl TV show, Avengers Endgame, Keanu Reeves, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper duet? What made the biggest impression on you in 2019? 

Black and white ball

Do you want to enter the new decade as an elegant and sophisticated adult that you are? Well, forget about all the tacky decoration and sparkly wear and opt for something classic yet naughty like a Black-and-White Ball. Watch as everyone glows up in their elegant attire and mysterious masks. Serve only the best foods and drinks—think black caviar and delicious champagne served with a few blueberries in every glass. Champagne combined with delicious food and bowtie attire will make you feel like a million dollars—there’s no better mind-frame to enter a new year than that! 

Celebrate around the world

If you have a very diverse friend group, make sure to ask everyone to come dressed in their national attire and see if they can collect a few “lucky” superstitions from their state or country. As the ball drops, encourage people to go from person to person and try out their NYE lucky superstition. Eat 12 grapes at midnight with your friends from Spain, open windows with your friends from the Philippines and have a bite of soba noodles with your Japanese guests or a taste of pork with your Chinese buddies. It’s a fun way to spend the evening and learn a few things about other cultures. 

Insta-ready party

If all of your friends are wanna-be influencers and Instagram-obsessed peeps, provide them with some amazing photo ops. Forget about regular photo booths and throw plenty of fun photo props around your place. You can even make some yourself so that they completely match your decoration, but you can also find plenty of cheap props on Amazon and Etsy. Have a beach corner filled with flamingo floaters, beach balls and parasols. Or have a corner filled with scary props like scream masks, plastic knives, skulls and other spooky items. 

Spa evening 

If you’re totally over those bombastic NYE parties and just want to relax and forget about this disaster year, gather your friends and have a pampering spa evening. Adopt the “out with the old, in with the new” attitude and buy plenty of beauty products and a few bottles of champagne. Set up an exfoliation station, nail bar, beauty mask corner and whatever you feel like doing, play your favorite Sex and the City episodes or dance to Ari. Put on your classiest pajamas, and at midnight, make sure to raise a glass to all the haters, useless exes and bad vibes that you want to leave in 2019. 

Pick one of these party themes and you’re guests will remember and talk about your party for months to come. If you want to be crowned as the New Year’s Eve royalty, these ideas will definitely provide you with your coveted crown. So, start planning today and you’ll have the best party in 2019.