HOLD IT! Before you read this thinking I’m a contouring and highlighting Queen, I must confess, I am not. I am only doing this for the newbies, and the first time doers, like myself. And if I can help my fellow ladies, and maybe men, make it a less intimidating experience, bby sharing my first experience, well I am at your service.

Be aware that it is indeed a process. If you have applied make-up prior to this , which I would like to think, do know it is not the same three-four step process. (I am sure you’ve seen the tutorials.) Unfortunatly, I was in a rush because I had a wedding that day. Hence why I wanted my face beat to the God’s, as they say. I was getting tired of doing my make-up. It took an hour and I wasn’t even dress.

But I started, so I had to finish.

I didn’t have everything I neede, which is probably why I should have watched this particular tutorial prior to attempting it. I was fishing through my cousin’s mom drawer for eyeshadow. I normally don’t wear it. Luckly, she had just the right shade I needed.

At times when I thought I was finish, I wasn’t. Then, I started to see my face look beat so of course I was feeling myself. So after countless repeativie steps I got the look I wanted to achieve. My make-up job was the best it had ever been.

I’m far from the pros, but I’m one step-closer. I just won’t be doing it as often as others. And I salute those who do it on a regular basis. I’m doing it only on occassions.

Again, this is not a how-to article, just hope your first contouring and highlighting experience is successful.