5 Car Hacks Every Woman Should Know


Seeing a woman who drives and takes good care of her car is not rare today. Most new vehicles require very little maintenance in order to run smoothly and look good, so if you’re a woman planning to buy a car, don’t worry too much about this aspect of car ownership. However, even though vehicles today are not too demanding, there are still some hacks that will help you keep up with maintenance, solve issues quickly and end up with a healthy and beautiful ride. 

Remove cracks with nail polish

Almost every woman has a variety of nail polishes at home, so this one is perfect for all ladies. When it comes to cars, nail polish can serve many purposes, one of them being the repair of small dings on your windshield and small scratches on the paint. Just apply some clear nail polish to affected areas and they will disappear or stop spreading. Obviously, it can’t really help with any big cracks and deep scratches, but it’s a great way to keep your car protected until you can get professional help. 

Make your headlights shiny with toothpaste

Over time, headlights can not only get covered with dirt and bugs, but also get a bit cloudy due to exposure to elements. While you can get a headlight maintenance kit online or hire professionals to polish your headlights, you can also do some home maintenance with simple toothpaste. Most kinds of toothpaste have little abrasive particles that are great at removing grime, dirt and little scrapes, giving your headlights a clean and shiny look. It won’t be able to do any miracles, but it’s a great way to keep your headlights clear in the long term if you do toothpaste cleaning every few months. 

Cleaning hacks

It’s important to keep your car clean both for driving safety and health reasons. Also, in case you need to give someone a lift, they might appreciate that your car is clean. Maintaining your car’s cleanliness is a tedious task, but with a few tricks, you’ll always have a presentable vehicle. You can invest in a practical water spot remover to get rid of all water spots, mineral build-up and hard-to-remove stains. This product is perfect for cars, but it can also be used around the house, so it’s a great solution to have at hand. Next, grabbing a small portable vacuum cleaner is a great idea because you can keep it in your trunk and always be ready to take care of crumbs, dirt and dust (especially useful for mothers with small snack-loving kids). 

Remove smells

Vacuuming can remove dirt, but it can’t remove odors. If you often smell that annoying smell of stale food, old gym clothing or any other stench you can’t seem to eliminate, use some ground coffee. Spill some on the floor of the car and then vacuum. Or you can simply leave a container open and let it soak up all the odors. Another solution is to use dryer sheets and place a bunch under your seats because these can also be used as air fresheners. 

Easy tire replacement

This is one of the women’s biggest fears, even though it’s one of the easier car mechanic things. In case you end up with a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, you’ll be very glad that you know how to remove the flat tire and put a spare one on. There are many useful YouTube tutorials for women by women, and these have taught millions of ladies around the world to change a tire. Just to be sure you know what you’re doing, invite a buddy over and ask them to supervise your practice tire replacement. It’s also crucial to know how to put air in your tires at the gas station—this is even easier to learn. Other mechanical works are best left to professionals. 

Keep these five car hacks in mind at all times, and your car will always be in the best condition possible. It will run flawlessly, smell great and always be Instagram-ready.