When see you encounter a successful or beautiful woman…

There are 6 types of women

1. Cheer LEADER: Go ahead girl, get it!
A. I appreciate this type of woman because they can cheer for another woman and then move on with their lives. That doesn’t mean that they don’t get insecure but they just don’t allow that to destroy them or someone else.

2. THE HATE HER: I hate her. She thinks she’s better and takes herself too seriously. Did you see her hair?
B. Say three nice things about her, 4 nice things about yourself but then remove yourself from the situation. It’s better to back away than to bring someone else down that ultimately brings yourself down. Focus on yourself and growing your self-esteem. Nine times out of ten, when someone says you think* you’re better it’s because they think your better. If they think you take yourself too seriously they’re probably just insecure about your dedication. Dedication is a dying skill.

3. INSPIREE: Ok. Let me up my game
C. Get inspired and go hard after what you want. Allow that person’s success to drive you and know that it can be done, if they can do it then so can you. You’re a boss. Go get it! Period.

4. IDC. That’s good for her but I really don’t care

D. No additional details needed.

5. THE CHIPPER: What she’s not even that great to be honest. She’s not that good of a singer
E. . You have to chip away at her to make yourself feel better. When these toxic feelings emerge, remove yourself. You have to learn that what others have, does not take away from you. If you get to the point to where your critiquing anyone in a dark matter then remove yourself. Practice positive self-talk and affirmations but seek therapy.

6. UNSTABLE. I have to become her.
Seek Psychiatric care immediately.


Being yourself is the greatest gift you could ever give to your soul but also to the world. LOVE IS THE ANSWER.