We all know that being truly sexy involves a lot more than what you look like on the outside. However, if you combine your inner sexiness with a matching exterior, you’ll become a woman no one will be able to resist! So, how can you unleash your outer sexiness?

Work on your body

Don’t worry if you don’t have banging abs or Victoria’s Angel’s legs, but working on your body is a great way to start feeling sexier in your own skin. A good workout routine can help you shed those extra pounds and give you a more toned look. If you already feel great about the way you look, that’s perfect! But, if you feel a bit uncomfortable, hitting the gym is a perfect way to gain some confidence.

Pamper yourself

Learning to groom yourself will not only improve the way you look, but also improve the way you feel! Some people can pull off the bed head and messy makeup, but it’s definitely not for everyone and it will never look good in the office or any more formal event. So, make sure to pamper yourself and get that healthy skin and hair. Once your skin is glowing and your hair is revitalized, you’ll instantly feel better and sexier!

Improve your closet

The way you dress will greatly affect your sex appeal! You know what they say: Dress for the job you want, not the job you have! Well, the same goes for feeling sexy. Dress well and you’ll feel amazing and ooze confidence and sex appeal. Today, everyone can dress well, even people who have zero fashion sense. There are great fashion blogs, YT tutorials, Pinterest posts and magazines that can help you find your style and discover a fashion icon in you! Feel free to step out of your comfort zone, but still pick something you feel safe and comfortable in—that’s the best recipe!

Spice up your underwear

Even if you know no one will see your underwear, just by wearing sexy lingerie will make you feel amazing. And when you feel amazing, you’ll look even better and more attractive! So, up your underwear game with a sexy g string that will not only make you look seductive, but also rid you of those ugly underwear lines! Plus, modern g strings are super comfy and you won’t even notice you’re wearing them! Pick a smooth and lux fabric that won’t irritate you and make you feel uncomfortable. And, if there’s that special someone in your life, they will surely love the surprise when you get to bed!

Work on your makeup skills

Wearing too much makeup will definitely not help your sexiness levels, but the right amount will boost your confidence and make you look and feel like a queen of seduction! Aim all the attention to your eyes with a sexy smoky eye look that is easy to pull off and looks great on everyone. If you’re feeling extra confident, up your makeup routine with a red lipstick! However, pick the right kind that’s moist (super sexy, mmm) but not too glossy (a bit cheap, no-no).

Pick a seductive scent

People usually underestimate the power different scents have on our psyche. Certain smells can make you feel sexy and attractive, but also improve the effect you have on other people. So, pick a few perfumes that smell great on you and you’ll definitely turn a few heads as you walk past! It’s an instant turn on that creates a lasting effect!

It might take some time to embrace your sex appeal, but once you figure out how to show it, you’ll feel better about yourself than ever! Never be ashamed of your desire to look your best!