In order to survive on social media you need to know the truth because everything else is a lie.

Regardless of how you feel about anyone, no deserves to be cheated on. It amplifies the experience by 1000x when the world is watching. Its a tough situation because girls like these are vipers.

They stalk famous guys just to be in drama like this. They show up to where they’re going to be, purposefully, just to start something.

It’s a type of emotional blackmail because in sense, if you don’t speak on it first then you look dumb. …but in doing THAT, it gives these thirst bots the attention they crave.

Then they can post their smug selfies and run the lines of “oh I didn’t know but they knew.” It’s like you’re blackmailed into giving attention to trash.

IF you have a good man who’s in the public eye, he won’t even follow these chicks because even if you take a picture with the opposite sex people think you’re sleeping together.

So he should know better to ever delegate any air to trash because these girls get off on thinking “I took a guy from a desire celebrity female,” – no, you didn’t. You were used because he saw you before you saw him…he knew exactly what you were about. In a week or so, you’ll be nothing but an ad for other men alike who now know what you’re willing to do. That is the harsh reality. It’s a fair trade.

People are willing to do anything to be famous and guys know that but so do the girls.

The right guy won’t even entertain that. A woman can do whatever she pleases with her body, just own that.

There are many women who are willing to do everything that you’re not, but it’s interesting that society values THOSE women more rather than the women who stand for something.

What kind of message does that send to young women? -Simenona