Behavioral Science of Online Harassment: Cyber-Microexpressions, Bullying and Stalking on Social Media


This behavioral science study is an analysis focused on online behaviors and criminology. It is a deep look into to cyber subconsciousness and how it plays huge role in online interactions. Are we conditioned, or is this behavior an extension of our circumstances? The report will outline the thought process and pattern recorded through years of study and observation. Are our clicks our confessions of a digital obsession? This study introduces the concept of cyber-microexpressions as a means to understanding online behavior.

The topics include the science of trolling, passive aggressive expressions, nonverbal communication, celebrity worship, and cyber harassment among other topics. This report delves into the patterns of involuntary subconscious responses to individual’s actions and the awareness of social circumstances as they relate to offline behavior. The study examines the marriage between conscious outward social media actions, such as public posts, and subconscious actions, including likes and secondary behaviors, and the overall relationship of these digital footprints which can be linked back to cyber harassment and other crimes.

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