5 Romantic Things for Couples to Do in Vietnam


No matter if this is your first vacation as a couple or a hundredth, Vietnam is a great choice of destination for romance. From the seductive buzz of the cities to secluded peace of the mountain towns, you will have a wonderfully romantic vacation, especially if you know a few super dreamy things to do in Vietnam. Here are our five must-do picks for all types of couples.

Visit Da Lat

All couples love Da Lat—a little romantic town spackled with French colonial architecture and colorful and fragrant flowers. This place deserves to be on this list because it’s full of both natural and man-made wonders, but it’s also quite secluded. Similar places in Vietnam like Ha Long Bay are often crowded and leave no place for privacy. So when in Da Lat, you can expect to relax and unwind, especially if you rent a French villa. If you decide to visit Vietnam between January and February, expect to see breathtaking Mai Anh Dao—gorgeous cherry blossoms that will paint everything pink!

Live like a stowaway in Mango Bay

If there’s nothing you two like more than the beach, sun, cocktails and each other’s company, visit Mango Bay. Nicely hidden in the jungle forest, this eco-friendly resort is blessed with sandy coves, laid-back vibe and some authentic Vietnamese food that will blow your mind. Everything there is connected with nature—showers are open-air and modern commodities are limited. However, prices are more than comfortable and you’ll enjoy every second spent with your partner, sipping cocktails, talking about life and watching the sun set lazily below the horizon.

Enjoy adventure in Hanoi

If you’re a couple who enjoys a bit of excitement, make sure to visit Hanoi. This vibrant city has adventure waiting on every corner, but one of the best things you can do is to definitely rent a two-wheeler. It’s very easy to find manual motorcycles for rent in Vietnam, so grab your wheels and have fun! From Hanoi, you can embark on various trips to the mountain region, visit Sapa, Ha Giang, Ninh Binh and other famous destinations. How much is it to rent a motorcycle in Vietnam? The price starts from only $10 a day or $250 for a whole month of adventure! It’s truly an amazing offer! When you’re not only your bike, enjoy shopping in Hanoi, wander the streets and enjoy the splendor of colonial architecture.

Explore Secret Island in Ho Chi Minh

Commonly known as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh is a city full of life and excitement, but it also offers many super romantic things you can do with your partner. One of the most lovey-dovey things to do in Saigon is grabbing a boat and visiting Secret Island. This hidden paradise is located in one of the busiest cities in the world, but don’t let that paradox put you off your path for romance, because Secret Island is gorgeous. You can enjoy riverside candle-lit dinners or row your boat past villas and beautiful scenery.

Grab a drink at a rooftop bar in Ho Chi Minh

Enjoying a tasty cocktail from one of the many rooftop bars in Saigon is a must for every type of couple. From colorful sunsets to rich starry nights, you’ll get to see some of the best views of Vietnam relaxing in cozy seats and sipping on a nice drink. This activity is both romantic and relaxing, so it’s a must for all couples. Grab a good camera, because you’ll be inspired to snap some gorgeous photos of your beloved.

From sandy beaches and jungle forests to lux city bars and shopping opportunities, Vietnam has everything any couple might wish for. Just pick your desired activity and let Vietnam take care of you and nurture your love! Bon voyage, love-birds!