If you have to wonder whether or not a man loves you or if you matter to him then, you don’t. It’s simple.

When a man wants a woman nothing will stand in his way, nothing.

He’ll want to introduce you to his friends, spend time with you, take you out… It will be CLEAR.

A man can be with a woman for 10 years, sleep with her, spend time, live with her, introduce her to his family and friends but his actions never match his words.

Then one day, he meets a new woman and he changes completely for her because that’s the woman who he wants. Men change for the ones they want and themselves.
It doesn’t diminish the worth and love which you truly deserve.

However, you must understand that sex can’t keep a man nor beauty, intelligence, money, fame, cooking, threats, drama, sabotage, accomplishments, etc.

People cannot be kept, they have to want to stay. You don’t own people or their lives.

With that being said, male or female – if you’re not sure as to whether or not you are wanted then you deserve better.
on’t allow anyone to waste your time because it is far too precious.

Personally, I don’t believe in second chances. Especially, when years have passed because a man knows if you’re the one and he’ll do for you what he’s never done for anyone before, he won’t do anything to risk losing you and of course, he’ll spend time.

The bigger point of this entire thread is: boundaries, protecting yourself, and not being ashamed of waiting unil you’re truly ready.

There are some women who are insecure about their sexual resumes. Some of those women have harassed me for being inexperienced but I own that fact! I’m proud of that!

I’m not the type to engage in a one night stand or FWBs. However, a really good aspect of that is, I don’t give up any of myself to men who won’t commit. So for me, I always walk away intact because not everyone is deserving of your body… in fact, very few.

So if you’re a virgin, do not be ashamed and please do not rush. What you have is a gift and even if you’re celibate or otherwise, the gift is still you. Always.

Don’t ever allow anyone to pressure you into doing anything that you don’t feel comfortable with. Period.

Honestly, not sleeping with people will weed out a lot of the bad apples. You have to be careful because some people will put in the work and then leave after they get what they want. So take things slow and gage the person’s actions.

You are such a gift. ?

Basically, when it’s right then you won’t question it. You’ll know because he’ll be there for you and with you. He puts you first and protects you.

If you have to ask a man to do the same thing over and over, he doesn’t love/want to/you.

If he won’t let his exes or other women go, then it’s because he doesn’t want to. He cares more about their feelings than yours. Its about his ego, his pleasure and you deserve better.

The fantastic thing about this is there are so many beautiful people out there. Surely, if you desire to still be in a relationship then date and have fun, be young.

Look, I’m not a dater but should you be, live your best life with protection. Get out there and meet new people, that’s the exciting part.