The last thing you want to do is read a long lengthy any thing about how-to, especially on how to get back on track. The most logically powerful quotes don’t do that it seems. For a brief minute you will be motivated and inspired, but it doesn’t last. So you find another catchy life meaningful quote to latch on, and so on. The sayings don’t stop yet you do.

The trick is to trick yourself.  Whatever is it you want, you need to get in the habit of doing it. Say you want to workout more say 3 to 4 times a week and you workout for a day or two and weeks or a month pass before you do it again. In order to get in the habit of doing it as often as you like you have to do commit to doing it at least 3 weeks maybe even two weeks. After a while you will trick your mind into thinking you must do it, then you will feel as if you have to do it. It will become a second nature to you. Trust me, it’s something I have doing with working out and with writing. I wasn’t consistent with anything I was doing.  I will write here and there. Nothing was getting done. Then I dedicated at least an hour a day to writing, even if I only ended up with a page within that hour. That hour a day lead to two hours and some times more if I was on a good role with my words. The true tester was exercising. I would workout on and off. So to keep going without stopping I made it my duty to do just that no matter what. Even if I was tired. I did the Insanity workout DVD and doing it every day, made me believe I had to do it every day. I did it enough to it got the point it was like a trigger of “I have to” ” I must”. So I did. Even if you don’t do something like Insanity, at least 30 minutes a day every day will program your brain into thinking you cannot live without it.  I started “bullying” myself into doing thing s because I had gotten lazy. Repetition of new habits helped fight the laziness, the lack of motivation and the depression I had fallen into. This method even helped with my lateness. I had a serious lateness problem that I’ve had since high school, and because I never changed that habit, it followed me throughout some of my young adult hood life. Now I am one of the only workers who my boss feels is never late. The one time in three months when I was late threw her off. She asked was everything okay.

Repetition was the key to changing my old habits.  I’m not saying it will help you with yours but give it a chance to give yourself a chance to succeed at any and everything  you want to do.