finding the love of your life

Are your giving it your all to find the love of your life and falling short every time? Ladies, you are the makers of your own destiny, and you’re doing something wrong. It’s easy to get discouraged in a sea of failed relationships, emotional stress, man pigs and mama’s boys unworthy of your love and affection, yet there is always a glimpse of light at the end of every tunnel.

There are more than seven billion people in this world, so don’t worry, there’s definitely someone out there for you. In fact, the love of your life might be much closer than you think, and you certainly don’t need a dating app and a one-way ticket across the world to meet them although that does sound like an amazing Instagram story. Here is how you can shape your destiny and empower yourself to be truly happy with your prince or princess charming.

The shape of you

First of all, you need to banish the demons that make you believe you are unworthy, or that all men are the same, or that you’ll never get to experience lifelong love and happiness. It might sound easier said than done, but the only thing that matters is that you maintain a positive mindset towards letting the love of your life find you!

If you try too hard but keep attracting the wrong kind of people, then a core element of yourself needs changing in order to attract someone worth your time. So, ask yourself, are you ready to settle down with your prince charming? Do you have any unresolved issues with your past? Are you willing to compromise and love the imperfections that make your future husband or wife who they are? These questions will help you shape your mindset and attract the right person.

The compromises you make

Speaking of shaping your beliefs, how much are you willing to bend? How much is too much? Love is not about accepting something that clearly bothers you, nor does it mean remaining adamant in your own beliefs until you drive someone away.

Love is about compromise, and one of the biggest dating mistakes women make is failing to see the potential in someone to change, and to allow themselves to change for the better. Be positive, try to see the good in someone, and accept that you’re not perfect, nobody ever is.

finding the love of your life

Live together to know each other

If everything else fails to show if someone is prince charming material, ask them to move in together. You never truly know someone until you’ve shared the same roof, and can take anywhere from two days to six months for someone’s true personality to come to light.

For better or for worse, you will quickly find out if the person you’re living with is someone you want to look at for the rest of your life. So, be sure to never persuade yourself that you’ve found the love of your life until you’ve seen them wash their own underwear and scrub the toilet.

In sickness and in health

Finally, passion is not love. Lust is not love. Love is when you know with all of your heart that you would stay with, nurture, and love your significant other in the worst of times. Ask yourself if you would be willing, neigh, happy to spend your life with your loved one if, god forbid, they were to end up in a wheelchair.

Likewise, true love is when that person would do the same for you. You need to grow out of those childish preconceived notions that life is fair, that love is pure and that the future could never bring you any harm. It might sound pessimistic, but answering those kinds of harsh questions will allow you to open up your heart to unconditional love, and find the person worth giving your heart and soul to.


The love of your life might be waiting around the corner, you might have even met them but you failed to realize it. That’s because you are the master of your own reality, so make sure you follow these golden steps to empowering your mind, body and soul to give love and receive love unconditionally, and you will open your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities.