Have you really ever taken inventory on what kind of person you? Are you the type of human being you want to be? Are you surrounding yourself with the kind of people that inspire you? Are they people you can learn from & grow? Are they people you can trust? Are you surrounding yourself with people who are good role models for your children?

These are just a few basic questions and that we all should always, “check in with ourselves” & ask ourselves these questions periodically. More than not, I say!!!

You know the saying, that our parents used to say to us when we we’re little kids, “you are who you hang out with”. Well, that saying goes a long way and still remains to have a lot of truth to me.

It’s just my opinion but as I’ve stated in blogs before time and time again, if you want greatness then you need to attract, associate, and surround yourself with great people and become greatness.

If you already are (and I hope you are) then continue on a great path! This is incredible! This is the kind of life I want & people I want in my life. How about you?

I want to be around others that encourage me to be my best. That love me & except me for who I am. With all that, “ who I am”! My strengths & flaws included. I’m far from perfect & we all our completely perfect with “Our” imperfections. That’s what makes us unique.

I have many different types of friends. Some that are my business associates/friends, some are childhood friends, some are friends of friends, catch my drift?

I am blessed with a lot of friends and real true friends. However, I want & need to be very mindful of how much time I spend with certain individuals. I want “Quality” not “Quantity”.

I want to be around friends who can really relate to where I am at in my life currently and where I am going. Meaning, friends that have similar life paths. This way we can help each other and have a “Positive Mental Attitude”. I had this conversation with a girlfriend of mine where our lives personally & professionally are so similar, that she has easily became one of my closes friends who knows all my feelings. We can discuss the way others behave & treat us do to our personal/professional life styles. I mention this because it’s important to have people that you can truly trust & that truly understand you.

Like attracts Like.. Just because you have fun with someone doesn’t mean their healthy to be in your inner circle.

Again, take inventory. Do you have time for those occasional friends? what is it that you are needing in your social life? Is that important to you? Are you lonely? these are again a few questions that you can ask yourself. There are many more. Be honest so that in this life you’re making great choices & surrounding yourself with greatness & people who help raise your vibration, make you happy, & you can count on in an emergency or to just have that belly laugh of a good time.

Life is meant to live with happiness, love, kindness, memories, family & there is not enough time for each of us to handle our responsibilities & spend quality time with our loved ones. Not to mention, down time for ourselves.

So please as your light being of a life coach. Re-Evaluate whom you spend your time on & with. Re-arrange your life if you need to. Live a happy life! We are meant to experience, grow, live joyfully, & LOVE!

With my warmest intentions,

Samantha Bennington