Now that we are “Grown Ups” & “Adults” I want to ask you if you still know how to have the summer time fun as when you were a kid out of school? Do you schedule in vacations? Do you make time for yourself & friends? Are you like me & love having summer time fun but cannot really do so unless all the stars are aligned & your business is all taken care of first? BTW.. That is a good thing. You will never hear someone tell you that being responsible is a bad, stupid, or wrong! If you do, you may want to revaluate that relationship.

My son gets out of school for summer’s & years ago when he was in elementary school I was thinking to myself how I would love to be able to just take the summer’s off & play like a child & enjoy my time with my son, family, & friends. Now some of you may be thinking, well, doesn’t that sound nice? She is crazy! People have to feed their families, have job commitments, bills to pay… hello, everyday life just doesn’t stop because you/I want to take the summer off & play like kids!!!

Being a single parent definitely makes it harder financially to do this. A couple can pull their resources together & it may make things a little easier. My point is, if there is a will there is a way. If you want more “Summer Time Fun” to spend with your loved ones & their commitments with school etc. are free, then so can yours. Maybe not an entire summer. Maybe for most that’s not a reality. I get it!!!!

I’m not speaking about not working or giving up your job & running off to Europe. What I’m saying is that ask yourself what is important to you.

Yours kids are out of school, do you want more quality time with them?

Have you been feeling run down & could use a re-charge?

When is the last time you took a vacation?

When is the last time you relaxed?

Is there a certain place you want to visit, see, & experience & never made the time to do so?

Do you feel the need to go visit family? Is someone getting older & you want that time with them?

These are several questions to ask yourself. The reason that this is so important, as we all know but need friendly reminders, is that life is so precious & time we can never turn back!

Our responsibilities will always be there. Our youth, our children’s youth, some of our friends & family will not always be there. Not even our health may always be there. So it is so important to enjoy our lives. Always grinding away at work is not the healthiest choice for us.

We do not know how we can make all of this fun free time happen but I can tell you this. if you want it bad enough you will make it happen.
Take that action & just do it!

Booked that trip

Put in the request at work for vacation time (even if you have to plan a year in advance)

Budget out your vacation or your stay-cation, so you are financially prepared for it

Open an additional savings account, even if you can only put $50 a month in it. Anything helps getting you to where you can do something for yourself or family

I’m extremely inspired in a balanced living. I myself for example, always work & chip away at my goals (year round). In the summer time when my son is out of school, I personally want to spend as much time with him as possible. This is our time to sleep in (not always on a schedule), vacation, & visit family. This is also a time when he goes to his dad’s for his summer vacation there & then I have time to myself or to see my friends. So how do I accomplish taking more time off in the summer? During the school season I work extra hours & take on more projects so it allows me to afford some extra time off when summer time starts & I plan by adding future vacations into my budget. I also try to leave some room for spontaneity as much as possible when my son is with his father for fun or to get caught up with work, so that when my son returns from his visitation with dad, I’m ready to play again.

This is just an example of course. Please write in if there is ever a topic or you would like to hear more, receive other solutions, etc. I love & encourage feed back.

Happy summer every one! Cheers to a happy life!!

Light & Love, Samantha B