Stop me from going further. Notice the timing, realize I’m crying without your arms wrapped around me, I’m slowly dieing. Maybe no one notices, but if you were to see for your self, you’d know I’m breaking. Maybe that’s why you chose to stay in Virginia, because I can’t fathom another way to depart what we had and be able to choose not to stay. My world, your world, our glimpse at purity: how can you stay there and not even watch me grow into whom you always knew I was? I want you to see, I want you to retrieve your world and belong with me. As selfish as I may be in terms of you and me, I won’t lift a finger in helping you to see. Your eyes, your vision, your lack of commitment, you’ll see that this entire time-you were wrong. You lied whilst we didn’t try, and you are the one who said goodbye. This is why you’ve been left behind; you finalized my last words into, “why?” No answer, no truth, nothing but left over lukewarm imagesoup. I shrivel up into my life and realize that you will never come, you will never understand and you could never be my man.