Photography is a uniquely beautiful art form. Josh and Jaclyn Alvarez of The Jam Photography embody what it means to be creative and versatile artists which is clearly displayed in the depth and diversity of their amazing images.  The married couple have the joy of working together, creating beautiful photography that inspires people across the globe. We were recently able to sit down with them for this exclusive interview:

How did you get your start in photography?

Jaclyn went to school for photography and had a passion for it since very young. Her favorite toy was actually a camera from a Burger King kids meal. I only got into photography about 2 years ago after seeing my wife’s work and being inspired by her.

What photographers/artists are a source of inspiration?

There’s way too many artists to name that are a source of inspiration. Basically the whole list of people we follow on our Instagram feeds.

How can you describe working together as a married couple, and how do you resolve creative conflicts working together as a team?

Working together as a married couple is amazing! Nothing’s better than being able to travel with each other and share a passion. Honestly there’s never really any conflicts at all besides me [Josh] just wanted to move at a faster pace [laughs].

Your photography is very diverse, what are your favorite subjects or types of scenery?

Being diverse is what we feel people appreciated about our photos. There’s way too much beauty in this world to post the same type of pictures all the time. Jaclyn’s favorite subject would be portraits and mine [Josh’s] changes all the time with my mood. I love both street and nature equally the same.

Do you ever experience lags in creativity, and if so, how do you fight them?

If we are not out shooting as much as we can we get frustrated not having new material. The only way to fight it is to just get out.

What advice would you give to aspiring photographers?

It’s not about that epic shot that people feel you need to capture all the time. It’s about being creative in any of your surroundings and just having fun.

We know you are both big on Instagram, what is one IG account that inspire you both?

Ravivora is simply amazing… One of both of our favorites


The Jam Photography is always producing incredible new work, so be sure to check out the links below and follow them on Instagram:

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Jacyln’s Instagram : Shesthejam

Josh’s Instagram : Imthejam