Online Dating: How to Be More Approachable


We all know how difficult the quest for love can be. And while it might seem easier with the convenience of online dating, the opposite is true for many individuals. The endless dating pool, missed matches, and numerous conversations can quickly become overwhelming. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can make yourself appear more approachable and appealing to potential partners, enabling you to up your online dating game. Here are just some of the many tactics that are likely to bring success:

Maintain a friendly attitude

Friendliness, happiness, and a relaxing attitude can easily boost your outer sexiness. Even if you don’t conform to societal beauty standards, it’s a well-known fact that people who give off positive energy tend to be the most appealing as well. Aim to exude that positivity in every online interaction you have. Smile more and try to relax, fully involve yourself in the conversation, and remain interested in who the other person is. A friendly vibe will instantly make you more approachable and attractive to potential romantic partners.

Aim to be more personable

Whenever we attend social events, it’s always advised to mingle and join in different conversations in order to make a good impression. The online dating culture can be quite similar. Instead of allowing the other person to start and maintain all conversations, make an effort to actively engage. Reach out to them regularly, ask questions and listen to their answers, and consider different forms of communication like phone or video calls to make your conversations more interesting. Don’t dominate the conversation too much – this can be overwhelming to new people. Just try to maintain the right balance.

Don’t focus only on romance

When you opt for online dating, you might make it your mission to find a romantic partner. While that seems reasonable, focusing too much on the potential future could make you appear too pushy and unappealing. Instead, let your goal simply be to meet interesting people. Use online dating apps to make friends. Try specialized platforms to find a sugar daddy and experience a new form of dating. Stay open-minded and don’t be afraid to try new things; this relaxed attitude will allow you to express romantic interest without becoming too overbearing.

Always keep your curiosity

No matter where you meet a potential partner, keep in mind that you likely have something in common with everyone, even if it just means listening to an interesting fact or a funny story. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to work hard to find those engaging moments, but you will likely manage to find common ground if you stay curious. People appreciate attention, and they will notice that you are pleasant and treat them well. Not to mention that curiosity is attractive on its own. So remain interested in the world and the potential partners you talk to online.

Prioritize your body language

Once the time comes to meet a partner in person, body language will be another important factor to focus on. Try not to cross or wrap your arms around your body, don’t sit down if most people around you are standing, and never turn your back to everyone in the room. Body language can be quite telling. If you appear closed off in a social environment, your potential partner might consider you to be a negative person with low self-esteem. Whether that’s true or not, improving your body language will be the best possible solution to becoming more approachable.

Online dating can be challenging, especially if you’re not used to virtual interactions. But with lightheartedness, more personality, and plenty of curiosity, you can become more approachable and find a romantic partner effortlessly.