5 Signs You Need to Dump Your Boyfriend ASAP


You might believe in eternal love, but that doesn’t always mean that the person you are currently seeing is that person. There are numerous instances of people who broke up after years and years of unconditional love, and just a couple of months later got married because they met the love of their life. So, if you feel that the relationship you are currently in is not working, let it go, there’s probably a new one just around the corner which is going to be even better. Don’t consult a magic 8-ball or flip a coin for this kind of a problem – if you feel that something’s not right, you’ve got your answer. If the problem is not cheating (if it is, what are you even doing here?), take a look at this list and if you notice at least three things that apply to your relationship – you know what to do.

1. He’s immature

No matter how cute this can be at times, at other times it can be a real nuisance, especially if it happens very often. In every relationship, it’s important that both of you feel like you are at the same life stage and want the same things. We’re not talking about loving Star Wars or Harry Potter, nor about playing Super Mario Kart every day – if he’s immature about certain life aspects, that’s not a good thing. Firstly, when you notice these signs, try to talk to him. Tell him you want him to be more hard-working and more serious. It is very important that you point out that you’re not his mother not his father, and that he should stop behaving like a spoiled brat. However, if these things don’t change after the first time you tell him, the chances that they ever will are quite low.

2. Your relationship has become more of a habit

After spending a lot of time with someone, it might be very difficult to differentiate if you do certain things out of love or habit. Think of Britney Spears for example – we all love her, and we gladly twerk to her songs (don’t you know that you’re toxic?), and every time she releases an album, of course, we get a hold of it. However, that doesn’t mean that her new songs are anywhere as good as her old ones used to be. We listen to her new songs only out of habit, and we say they’re good even though we know, deep down inside, they’re actually crap. If your date with him is only a chore to you, then it’s more than obvious you’re only with him out of habit. Ask yourself this: could you survive one or two weeks without seeing your special other – is the answer yes?

3. You have nothing in common

If this is the case, then why are you still together? Because of his pretty face? Or money? Be that as it may, this is never a good sign for any relationship. However, if you had more in common when you started going out and now just don’t, don’t be scared. It’s perfectly normal for people to grow up and start knowing what actually lust vs love is. Our interests change, our sense of humour changes, and it doesn’t mean that the things we had in common will be there forever.

4. Your sex life is boring

Sex is one of the most important aspects of any relationship. Let’s be clear on this one – if the only good thing about your relationship is sex, you can dump him immediately and stop reading since he’s not the only one in the world who can give you good sex. Anywhore (pun intended), back to the topic – if your sex life has dried up, or became boring, know that it will not get any better. If you are a very sexual person who likes and appreciates good sex toys, and your partner doesn’t understand that, it means that, unfortunately, you’re not sexually compatible. You can definitely find someone who is.

5. He’s narrow-minded

If your guy doesn’t trust you completely, be sure that he will always try to put certain restrictions on you. A guy who cannot understand that you have other friends who are boys, or that you sometimes enjoy going out alone with your friends, is not a guy for you at all. A negative guy will always be negative, and there’s a big chance he might ruin your future, especially if you are an extrovert and a positive person. Also, if his political or sexual views are narrow-minded while you are the most tolerant person on the planet, the chances of you re-educating him are not that bright.

If you can find yourself in at least three of these situations (or if your guy is a member of the new wave of flat-Earth believers), it means that you can do a lot better. Even if your boyfriend is the best person in the world, you have to do what’s good for you. Get rid of the things that make you sad, because maybe, just around the corner, is the person who is twice as perfect for you.