My entire life I’ve faced mistreatment from other women. Over the last two years, it was the worse it’s ever been. I’ve said many things but in the end, this is all that matters.

Your value as women never decreases, not with age, aging, weight gain, weight loss, intelligence, employment status, being dumped, starting over, menopause, miscarriage, or anyone’s opinion about YOU. Your value is set in stone and you my dear, YOU are enough.

If you ever been cheated on, replaced by a younger girl, been told you’re too fat, too skinny, too much OR not enough, I am here to tell you that’s a lie! Women are in constant competition with each other because somehow our self worth is measured by each encounter with one another.

“I have better skin, I can play the harmonica or I can eat whatever I want but not gain weight.”

Women live by this delusional point system where a point must be allocated or subtracted when comparing but we are more than just a number. Women compete with each other not over men but because of their own low self esteem. Of course, men don’t help because it is also he with the beer gut who seeks perfection in the way of a Victoria Secret model.

We used to blame it on magazines and now it’s the internet but the truth is, it’s us. Your value doesn’t decrease because someone has something that you do not.

Your value doesn’t decrease because someone doesn’t want you. Your value doesn’t decrease based on who your exes date or don’t date. Your value doesn’t decrease based on who your friends are, how much money you have, how famous you, how many famous friends you have, social media likes or comments.

If you see a woman who is younger, thinner, thicker, prettier, etc; just remember she is not you. You don’t need to tear her down because you’re only tearing down yourself.

You want the SECRET to being BEAUTIFUL because there IS a formula; Be Happy.

It doesn’t matter who has what this or that, because if you’re happy then you’re beautiful.

Even in your depression and anxiety or embarrassing human condition, as long as you’re trying then YOU ARE UNDEFEATED.

Your value is your own and no one can take that away from you, no one.