I cannot believe how much the world is regressing in some ways but, in others ways I can.

The age of Enlightenment into now, the deepened  abyss of the Dark Ages of history repeating itself.

Anti- intellectualism in full view with my experience as well as Katie Bowman’s.  People are desperate to be ignorant and angry for all of the reasons which  they do not fully comprehend.

The link between racism and low intelligence has been widely confirmed. Race itself is a myth, the concept is as arbitrary as hair or eye colour, both of which do not belong to a specific race but is product of genetics. Most notably, Hitler who required of others that which he did not have himself, blue eyes.

Racism is product of separatism and is enforced by false ideals which induce irrational fear by proxy.

Logically racism is illogical yet, some people are unable to cognitively grasp this truth. It would be a false statement to imply that racism has increased over the last 3 years because it never wavered. It has simply come to the forefront, which begs the question, what exactly is this second wave of racism a product of?

Regression, yes without a doubt, but there is a larger force giving these radical groups motive. We know that segregation was a byproduct of slavery and the KKK was the catalyst for the civil rights movement. What exactly is the catalyst for this white supremacist movement? What is the prime trigger for this delusion which is causing them fear and distress?

It is disheartening to think that someone or group of people can start a civil war within schools or a society based off false beliefs but, it happens all of the time.

We are currently living in the AGE OF INFORMATION. Yet, here we stand, religiously relieving through the dark ages once again .  The problem has never been about the access to information but rather the acceptance of it.

Harriet Tubman said:

“I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”

There are those who live in the dark and unaware that they aren’t seeing, then there are those who are aware of the darkness but do not desire to see light.

Anti-intellectualism has always been a challenge because people simply resent what they do not know and hatefully fear what they don’t understand. Instead of praising intelligence we become distrusting of it. Intellectuals and Geniuses were revered at the highest point of societal enlightenment. We worship celebrities and reward them to outlandish esteem. When an intellectual comes along there is massive resentment because people are lost.

Regardless of where you stand religiously, when the church stood at the forefront of the country’s fundamentals, there was order. Rigorous or not, there were guidelines and people knew where to go. The church was the glue and offered that blueprint for a society constantly evolving but also, needing to be led. Everyone is looking to believe in anything other than themselves.

The world is becoming dumber and more prejudiced by the day. No one wants to understand but everyone wants to react. Everyone wants to believe yet, no one is willing to trust. We need strong female role models who are revered and not ridiculed for breaking the glass ceiling.  The truth is information according to facts not perspective guided opinions.  These distinctions, however small or infinitely large, matter.