5 Ways You Can Help Your Children Succeed at School


It doesn’t matter who teaches your child at school, you are your child’s most important teacher. Not only do you teach them about life and the environment, but you are also supposed to be there every step of their formal education. Many studies show that what the family does is more important to success at school than how much family makes or how good the education of the parents is. There are ways in which you can help them do better at school and thus support your child, and if you don’t know how to achieve that, take a look at the 5 most important ways:

Keep a healthy relationship with the teacher

Obviously, the most important thing that you can do is maintain a healthy relationship with your child’s teacher and work together for the sake of your child. First of all, make sure that you meet the teacher once school starts. Tell the teacher that you want them to contact you once they see any problems with the development or even behavior of your child. Another way to stay in touch with the teacher is by attending the parent-teacher conferences. Schools usually organize two of these every year, so make sure that you attend both of them. You can meet with other parents as well and share the experiences, which can be quite handy. Also, it’s a great idea to stay in touch with the teacher via e-mails, but bear in mind that they are also people and that they don’t work 24/7.

Make sure they do their homework

Letting your child know how much education is important is the right way to start preparing them for school. Teach them that homework needs to be done, and why it matters so much. However, if you see that your child has certain difficulties in finishing their homework, help them out. You can do this either by removing the distractions, or being there if they need help with the lesson or the actual exercises. However, many parents are reluctant to help their child as they think they don’t know the subject well enough or they want to make the children think for themselves. If the first is your case, you can always find a certain tutor who can help them out instead of you. Never do your child’s homework for them as that will not help them in the long run.

Help them with the tests

Tests always play an important role in determining how well your children do in school, so if you want for them to perform well, you might want to try and help them out. Of course, tutoring is only one option, but what if you don’t know the subject well enough, such as biology, for example? You can opt to hire a professional tutor who can teach them the subject, or you can help them by finding good biology notes online that they can use. You can also support your child’s learning habits on a daily basis by reminding them they have to study.

Volunteer at school

One thing that teachers appreciate a lot is when parents help out at school and sign up for different volunteering opportunities. There are many ways in which you can contribute, and not only will you be doing the school and the teacher a favor, but you will also get to meet other parents who pay attention to their child’s schooling. If you’re a good cook, for example, you can volunteer to make finger food for a certain occasion, or be a host for a performance night. The choices are endless, so keep an open eye on such opportunities.

Monitor their TV and internet use

A good parent must always monitor the TV and internet use of their children. Today’s kids spend a lot of time on their smartphones and on the internet, which means that it’s very possible for them to do bad at school once they get caught up on the internet. Decide how much TV or internet time your child can get during the working week and how much during the weekend, and make sure they understand that.

Being there for your child’s education is very important. Even though you might think that it’s their education and that they should do everything by themselves, you might be able to, and you should, give a helping hand.