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Tuesday 9 August 2022
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You can’t control but you can create

You can’t control but you can create

Good Morning everyone! So sorry I haven’t posted a blog last week. There were many things out of my control!

Sometimes we have unexpected things that occur in our lives the derail us from our “normal” routine. Whatever “normal” is! Ha ha.

Well I had the Element of Water speaking to me in many different forms. I think for almost two weeks or even a little longer all these things with “Water” kept presenting themselves. I had to replace my water heater, the pool pump, then I came home to my ceiling in my kitchen caving in from a water leak from my master bedroom shower! Yikes!!! Then a sprinkler caused some water damages to a picture window I have (not a small window a commercial size window-meaning a commercial size problem). So all is under control after many contractors in & out of my home and many decisions being made.

So as I said above, my “Title” you cannot control but you can CREATE! We can apply this to ever area in our lives.

I decided with the yard/sprinklers for example: To fix a sprinkler water damaging problem & create a water saving drip system & rearrange a few things professionally with hiring some new people to work with my property that see my vision on helping conserve water and making everything zen & all plant life healthier producing more fruit and vegetables. I wanted to take the opportunity, yes, choosing to look at all these “Water Problems” as an “Opportunity” to creating exactly what I envision.

Water is one of the most powerful and spiritual elements. Water, could have washed me down a path of fear. I decided to flow to creation. Water can also be viewed as cleansing, starting over, change. That’s exactly how I took it. When many issue’s showed it self sometimes it can be overwhelming right? I’m sure you are all well aware of, “when it rains it pours” saying? well that’s exactly how I felt. After taking a few maybe more than a few deep breathes. Having a some great friends and family to lean on for questions, advise, and a different perspective, well that really helped on me turning everything around and creating a better space.

Not only did I fix the issue’s at hand, I simplified some area’s in my life, in the long run will save money, & I’m doing something good for the planet. I’m saving water! I created a better foundation for our home, my family, and my life without creating a huge expense by putting in the time to become knowledgable and hiring the right people who see the same vision.

In creating things the right way patience is the key. Do not rush or waiver from your goals or vision. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a night!

So I could not CONTROL these problems that occurred one after another that were completely overwhelming but I was able to CREATE a new vision that I am proud of and that made perfect sense for the issue at hand.

Sending You Light, Strength, & Love

Samantha Bennington

Since 1996 working in the music industry, consulting in the music business re: song writing, placement, shopping deals, distribution deals, show cases, develop artist, & produce music. CD's, sing in "house/dance", creator of children's meditation CD's, copy wrote my first book ( I have not released it yet) created & wrote my first television show called, "Hollywood Houseguest" (working title) One offs on radio shows (girl talk radio-Canada) Owner-life coach of Creative Life Coaching & a certified Advanced DNA Theta Healer. www.samanthabennington.com