I love to see other women win. I love to see people speak their truth while living out their best life. There is room for us all.

In our minds and insecurities, we are hardest on ourselves. We see “imperfections” others don’t even notice. If you’re not careful, just like a wave those insecurities will swiftly wipeout all of your vision.

The standard of beauty is not about chasing perfect but embracing scars which we’ve endured, wrinkles we’ve earned and our stories, which not only is our right to share but our duty.

We are enough as in who we are and we were born with the necessary equipment to complete our mission. Whatever it is you decided to add-on is acceptable. A tattoo is not destruction of one’s skin but a scroll of a soul who has traveled far and wide beyond sight of the sphere eye.

It’s not a message to the world no, but a word of experience on engraved in flesh. You are beautiful and no one can be you. You are uniquely crafted and belong here. There is room for us all, despite how it’s advertised. There is no prototype for perfection. No matter what people say, you’re perfect as you are.

I’m very insecure but I don’t take my insecurities out on others. People who are mean and try to bring others down are miserable. It’s hard but you can’t allow what others say or even how you feel sometimes, to utterly obliterate your identity.

Watch the way you speak to yourself because negative self talk is truly emotionally lethal. Write down positive affirmations and repeat them daily. It takes a moment but the outcome is worth it. Get a simple hobby or small goal that you know you can achieve like completing your affirmations for 3 days straight.

Please, do not allow anyone nor anything to break your focus. I don’t know why but sometimes things get in the way at interesting times but keep going. When you grow as a person and reach certain tiers, always check your environment.
Be aware of who supports your secret self betterment. They don’t have to know to watch you glow. It’s a sad fact that not everyone wants to see you succeed. The biggest offenders are in your family and friends. Boundaries are important and so is creating a healthy environment for you to preserve.