I’m not better than anyone nor do I believe that I am the best at everything. I’m deeply flawed and hard on myself…… You can relate if you’re gifted. There is a certain hostility toward us. I have been accused of having a false resume recently (a first) and perhaps, I should take that as a compliment. I worked hard and slept in my car in lake view terrence. I was working three jobs but it wasn’t about the money like acting wasn’t about the fame. I worked hard because it’s innate and I love acting for the craft. I’m pretty unbelievable but it’s all true. I never allowed the lies or jealousy of people who are against me to dismantle who I am.
I have always and will always maintain a sense of self.

I’m disappointed that I became frustrated and ever reacted, even though what I said was the truth. In all, it proves that I am learning and trying to be better but most importantly that the Simenona effect is real in observation of my Twitter shadow. That’s life and we are all trying to figure it out. This is something I deal with every day. See Article: Dating an Empath

No one deserves to feel as though they are not enough. No one deserves to feel like that can’t acknowledge their own success without hurting someone’s ego. There are people in the world who carry their ego where their heart should be. No one should have to dim their shine or apologize for being great. Shine as brightly as you can and allow that light within to guide you through.

Be so amazing that it makes the doubters uncomfortable and the supporters, believers. Don’t you ever suppress your feelings and pain but channel that into greatness. Reach out to people who you know care for you and if you have no one my door is always open. Keep your head up darling, you’ve got work to do! -Simenona ?