Plumbing Tips for Independent Woman Homeowners


While many parents teach their kids how to change the oil in the car, how to pay taxes and how to make a killer meal, but not many choose to let us in on the secrets of plumbing, especially if you’re a girl. But in time, as you become more independent and successful, your own home will start to play tricks on you and demand various knowledge on pipes, fixtures and other plumbing things. So here’s what every independent woman homeowner needs to know about plumbing: 

Know where your main water valve is

Before you learn anything else about plumbing, it’s crucial to find out where your main water shut-off valve is located. This piece of information can save you a lot of trouble and money, especially if a pipe bursts somewhere in your home or you’re preparing to do some home renovations. Turning off the main valve will stop the water in all parts of your house and reduce costs and damage. To find this valve, you can go looking in the cabinet under the sink or in your basement. If you have no idea where to look, ask your neighbor because similar houses usually have similar hiding places for the main water valve. 

Watch out which products you use

Today, you can find various pipe-cleaning products that can unclog your blockages. However, these only clear the bottom of the pipeline and can even damage your plumbing due to all the strong chemicals contained in them. These products eat away at cables and wires plumbers use to clear blockages, so they will do the same to your pipes over time. 

Know how to handle blocked drains

Blocked drains are something that happens often. Your kitchen drain can get clogged if you often cook and put some cooking scraps down the drain. Your bathroom drain can collect all the hair, product residue and dirt from showering and cause a blockage. While in many cases, you can unclog the blockage yourself with either unclogging products or a small drain snake, more serious clogs require professional assistance. In places where messing with plumbing is illegal for civilians, such as Australia, it’s best to simply call a reputable plumber in Sydney and tell them about the clog. For professionals, no clog is an impossible mission and they will clear your drains, and fix any cracked pipes or leaks you have at home. 

Don’t throw grease down the drain

Sure, there’s no more practical way to get rid of used grease and oil than to dump it down the drain, but over time, this habit can cause serious issues for your plumbing. Grease and oils solidify when cool, which can cause them to clog the pipes and block any water from coming through. If you know your clog is caused by grease or oil, you can try to handle it by pouring baking soda and some boiling water down the drain. And stop throwing grease down the drain. Instead, take a piece of aluminum, cover the drain with it, make a little cup, and pour all the hot substances there. When it’s cool, simply ball up the foil and throw it in the trash. 

Prepare pipes for the winter

If you have your own garden, you’re more than lucky. But this addition also carries one additional responsibility for homeowners—protecting the pipes from freezing. If you live somewhere with extra cold winters, you need to disconnect your hoses from the tap outside, drain them and store them in your shed or basement. To prevent the tap from freezing, drain it well and turn it off. In case there’s water left in the pipes and temperatures drop below freezing, the expanding of ice can damage your pipes and your entire system. 

As an independent woman homeowner, make sure to keep these tips in mind and don’t be embarrassed to call for professional help when you need it. Be good to your drains, fixtures and pipes and your plumbing will return the favor.