“Maybe she’s born with it, maybe its Maybelline”, 0r maybe you should just let her be.

As a wearer of makeup myself, I can tell you that I do enjoy wearing it, and I think it’s fun to experiment with it, but I ultimately believe that it comes with many negative connotations. When you meet someone, the first thing you typically take note of is their physical appearance. This is completely normal because we are only human, but judgmental factors come into play while scanning a person up and down. When it comes to women, many people make inaccurate assumptions based on the amount of makeup a woman is wearing.

For instance, let’s say a woman is wearing heavy eye makeup and an abundance of bronzer on her face. Some typical first reactions of people would be things such as: “she is so fake” or “she thinks she’s hot”. Heavy makeup doesn’t automatically make someone fake, because she can be wearing it for various reasons. Maybe she’s insecure and feels better with all that makeup on. Or maybe she likes to stand out, and she expresses herself through her makeup. Ultimately, you cannot truly figure a person out through her makeup because that is solely a physical aspect.

Makeup can be fun because it’s similar to art. Your face is a blank canvas that you can essentially paint on. Each woman out there is a different artist; some women prefer to leave the canvas blank, some do a little painting, and others go all out. Women typically don’t “paint” their faces in order to impress others, but rather, they do it to impress themselves. They want to look in the mirror and smile at their artwork because it’s something they created and thought of on their own. It’s not meant to reflect who they are as a person; it’s more of an artistic reflection. True, sometimes makeup can reflect personality, but that’s to the preference of the woman.

Whether you are a man or a woman, it’s important not to judge a woman’s makeup. Even if you’re only judging in your head, stop yourself and think about how your judgments could possibly and probably be incorrect. Try to admire each woman’s makeup instead of scrutinizing, because in reality, it’s pretty interesting how women can each use different styles of makeup based on their “artistry”. There’s truly no point in wasting your time with judgments because in the end, each woman is still going to either wear makeup or not wear makeup, because she holds the “paintbrush”, not you.