Learn how to speak another’s language doesn’t mean speak French, Spanish, Italian or any other language that’s not your first language. It means speak someone’s language in the way that “they” can hear you and “understand” you.

Each individual is different and we have such different personalities.

If you take a moment to observe and listen, you can honestly find out how they will be receptive to what your trying to say. The words that you choose are very important and the whole point is when you communicate with someone, is for them to listen to you and for you to listen them and return a positive exchange in communication.

So, how do we get someone to be receptive in our opinions, thoughts, and perspectives? We have to learn to speak “Their” language.

It’s amazing when we “care enough” to take “our time” and pay attention to what the other person is saying, in need of, wanting, etc. WE then have a chance to actually engage in a much more positive place for all involved.

When we are angry & raise our voices to be heard, have you noticed that the other person is really not listening and starting to tune you out! So, even though you raised your voice to “insure” that your heard, you actually did the opposite.

We are all guilty of this and this creates more frustration for everyone always.

I myself, no one is exempt, unfortunately! We must practice this continueously. We get extremely busy in our lives. We are multi tasking constantly and that can lead to miscommunication and frustration very easily.

Especially, when we have turned into a culture that relies on technology for communication.

Keep in mind that texting, emails, face book, Twitter, and all social media is a way of communicating to the masses but there is no “Tone” & again my point here is to have a better sense of communication with individuals creating a more prosperous & harmonious situation between human beings more on a day to day level and regarding each individual situation of life.

With my warmest intentions, light, & Love…. Samantha Bennington