“Jack, come back.”
We all know where this famous line came from and guess what? There will be a part 2. I’m not talking about a part two of the classic romance film Titanic, but an exact replica of the ship that sunk. The ship is set to sail in 2018 and anyone who has ever wish they could have been on, (minus the tragic end) get to have their chance. The ships voyage will be from China to Dubai. The only difference between the replica and the old Titanic is that this time there will be enough lifeboats for all passengers and it will be 13-feet wider.
Some people feel uneasy about this, while others are very excited. Will you buy a ticket?
For people who know the movie and the story of the Titanic, the ship sunk over 100 years ago. The movie was one of the greatest love stories in film, where audiences fell in love with characters Rose and Jack.
Hey, maybe this will be an adventure for someone else to find true love upon the ship that created one of the greatest epic love stories of all time.