My mother recently said, “All the education in the world doesn’t mean nothing.” Prior to that, I came across a Facebook posting that read, “How do you convince upcoming generations that education is the key to success, when they are surrounded by poor graduates and rich criminals?”
And I constantly hear that you don’t have to work for anything anymore, it’s easy. It had me thinking why she and anyone can be lead to believe that.

My mother is wrong. Education isn’t necessarily the degree you hold, but knowledge you obtain, and that is something you always can use and it will always matter. The definition of “success” depends on that person, and money is only one result and value someone receives from formal education. And as times change, so will the process to accomplish things. With that, some “old” ways won’t work anymore, so you have to create your own paths to the success you want.

I know my mother believes that because of my job struggles I’ve faced since graduating. But the unemployment rate for recent graduates declined from 5.3 in 2014 to 4.9 in 2015, according to The Daily Free Press. And for recent graduates, a positive attitude is the key to eliminating unemployment. If you’re going into the interviews thinking you won’t get the job or that you suck at interviews (like I was doing) you won’t get the job. Go to your next interview having done your homework, and you have shot.