Winter in the Sun: 5 Vacation Must Haves

vacation must haves

Every year it’s the same thing, you can’t wait for the weather to cool down so that you can enjoy a casual walk without melting into a puddle of sweat on the sidewalk but, as soon as it actually starts getting colder, you long for the summer sun. Luckily there is a remedy, you can spend your winter holiday somewhere far away in the sun! If you are among the wise vacationers who are traveling somewhere warmer here is a list of five essential things you must have in your luggage, don’t let the winter fool you and pack smart.

A versatile bag

Always strive to pack light when you are traveling. If you plan ahead and pack the essentials you will look stylish without the hassle of lugging a huge suitcase around. The first step to a light luggage is a versatile bag. You need something big, good-looking, and neutral. You will carry that bag with you during your trip and you’ll take it to the beach, so it needs to fit everything you might need during the trip or on the beach. If you find a bag that is also stylish you can wear it during sight-seeing and for evenings out. If you plan on dressing up at evenings you can bring an elegant clutch as an addition.

Layering pieces

Although, you are vacationing in the sun, your trip from and to your home must include some warmer layers. You should pack some warm leggings and sweaters that you can easily throw on or take off. That way you’ll be set for a travel outfit, they don’t take up too much space and you can just chuck them in your travel/beach bag and if it happens to get colder during your vacation you’ll have something to warm you up. The rest of your clothes should be summery and make sure to bring your favorite designer caftan for a stylish resort look. Shoes are also important, bring one pair of sneakers or something else that is warmer and comfortable, you’ll need that for traveling and possibly sightseeing.

A swimsuit

That one thing you mustn’t leave without is your swimsuit. It might be cold where you are now but you are going to where the sun is, and you’ll need stylish swimwear. The biggest trend this year in swimwear are solid color block swimsuits. When it comes to styles you can opt for a two-piece or a one-piece. Considering that you’ll be going home to a winter weather having uneven tan won’t be a problem, no one will see it anyway. Pick a swimsuit that looks flattering on you and rock it without worrying about the tan lines.

SPF lotion

Applying sunblock is absolutely the most important thing you should do during a holiday in the sun. Bring more than you think you need and apply it generously. The sun dries your skin and makes it grow old faster, not to mention the pain of getting sunburned. That is why you need to protect your skin. Apply sunblock to your face and body before leaving your hotel and after every dip in the water. Make sure you have protected every part of your body, people often forget to apply sunblock on their feet and ears but they can burn as well. Your lips need protecting too, so take a lip balm with SPF with you everywhere.

A good book

And finally, you must have a good book to entertain yourself with during your vacation. It can be tricky to find time to read with everyday responsibilities weighing down on you and you must have at least one book you’ve been dying to read. There is no better time for it than a holiday in the sun. Lying by the water, listening to the calming waves is a perfect time to lose yourself in a good book. If you’re really going for a light luggage you can bring your kindle instead of a hardcopy book and you can even download a few books for different moods.