8 Fashion Essentials Every Gal Should Own

fashion essentials

When you open your wardrobe and you feel something is missing, that’s probably because it is. If you want to make your wardrobe more functional, you need to think about the essentials. Make sure to have each of these pieces nearby so that you won’t find yourself lost every morning in trying to get dressed. Make a checklist and find the perfect piece to wear in every occasion. 

Little black dress

It’s not a coincidence that this piece is well known to every woman. An LBD is an essential piece for elegance and a perfect choice for a short-notice party solution. When investing in a new dress, be sure to find the one that fits well. If you do not feel comfortable in tight couture, then choose a loose knee-high dress that you can wear for any occasion. The secret of the little black dress is not in the dress itself, but in the representation of a woman that feels comfortable in her own skin.

The perfect jeans

Jeans are a must-have wardrobe piece even if you are more on the classy side. The immortal jeans are never out of style, and if you already have a couple of different models to choose from, you’re doing a good job. Skinny high-waisted jeans are currently trending worldwide, but you can also find the ‘90s-favorite flares coming back with a boom. 

The white shirt

When in doubt what to wear, a simple white shirt is the optimal choice. It goes well with everything, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re going to work, a business dinner or just a casual meeting with your friends. Combined with colorful jewelry, a stylish bag and an elegant cardigan, the white shirt becomes the three color rule must-have.

Timeless watch 

Watches are the missing link between the perfect outfit and just wearing clothes. Modern minimalist watches are trademarks of style, especially when put together with fashionable care. What you need to aim for are gorgeous watches made from stainless steel that completely transform any look from ordinary to fabulously glamorous. You can complete your everyday outfits with these kinds of watches by creating contrast if you choose a one-color combination.


Every woman should have at least one handbag, but the more you have, the merrier. Handbags are there not only for style purposes, but they are also the most practical accessory you can have. Choose the one that fits your needs, and that mostly means choosing the right size. For most women, the perfect choice would be clutch bags in which you can easily fit your wallet, your phone, a small notebook and a couple of other necessities. Always choose your bags by style and color of the shoes you plan on wearing, because the shoe-bag combination is what counts for great style. 

Comfortable sneakers

Even though you might find high-heeled pumps the best shoe there is, remember that the human foot isn’t suitable for wearing them all the time. Pads, exercise and foot massages can help, but they only partly recover the damage your back suffers. What your legs need are comfortable sneakers that they can jump in from time to time. Nowadays, you can easily find business styled sneakers for a smart casual combination to wear for work. Cloud foam is the most comfortable solution, because this material enables your feet to adapt completely to the shoe and gives you the ultimate feeling of walking on clouds.

Elegant blazer

After putting together your everyday outfit, remember that what you wear over it makes the most noticeable impression. Any casual combination can be a work-day combination with the right blazer on top. When choosing a blazer, the best choice would be single-colored simple designs, so that you can mix them with many different combinations. Both black and white are obviously the perfect choice, but if you wish to spice your look up a bit more, then go with straight-forward red, green or yellow. These colors leave an impression of authenticity and tend to be rated as most appealing. 

Handmade pieces

In the postmodern industrial world of fashion, we are becoming more and more eager for unique clothing pieces that give us the feeling of specialty. Every handmade piece you have in your wardrobe is a reflection of your authentic style that can’t be matched. An even better idea would be to make your own clothing. DIY designer clothes are a great way to savor your old, ruined and worn out pieces and transform them into something new, a remarkable piece of your own that you will enjoy wearing more than any other store-bought clothing piece.

Don’t forget to think beneath the surface, as well. Lingerie is essential just like any other piece of clothing, even if it is invisible. The right choice of lingerie that fits you right can make you feel more confident and powerful than anything else. Remember that the most important fashion essential is to feel good about what you wear, at any place and any time.