5 Reasons Why Personality is The Key to Great Style


We often make judgments about how someone dresses. But have you ever wondered why is that? It is true that our style reveals so much about our personality, and why we can learn a lot about someone just by looking at them. So, here are some reasons why you should use your personality to create a personal style.

It is the key to confidence

In a sea of trends that change each season, it is hard to stay consistent and build a style of your own that is, first of all, going to make you feel confident. This is why relying on your personality is a great way to do it. Some tips that you can use whether your style is formal, casual, feminine, or boyish are paying attention to fit, not size, not following the trends blindly, wearing sunglasses and quality bags as statement pieces, and having a signature look. These pieces don’t have to be bold, and over the top, just simply something that will make it unique and interesting, which is one step closer to great style.

Telling a story through style

Your personal style can tell a story about you and create an image of how other people see you. Different styles have different tale to tell. So, for example, feminine style, which includes floral prints, dresses, romantic pieces, a lot of jewelry, and soft, subtle colors reveals a sensitive, soft, composed, and girly personality, who is also friendly, maybe a bit shy, but kind. Street style tells about a casual, friendly personality, open for new adventures. The one who chooses comfort and makes other people feel good around them. If you like hoodies, crop tops, and classic tees, and you want to try this style, Inkosia Apparel is a good streetwear brand for that. Formal style is usually a hallmark of businesspeople, who are often busy, serious, yet responsible, and intelligent. So, don’t choose pantsuits, formal blazers, and laptop cases as a part of your everyday look. The whole point of this, as fashion psychology says, is that if you dress according to your personality, you will always look beautiful because that is who you are.

Being unique

Many brands have become popular, and famous precisely because they stand out with their unique designs. Some of those are the new brands like Rotate, Chakshyn, and Bande Noir. These brands, and maybe even some celebrities should be your inspiration for not being afraid to step out of the frame, but let your personality shine through when you dress. Once upon a time, mixing dresses and sneakers was unthinkable, but now, we all fell in love with the trend. Not everything you do will be accepted well, that’s a fact, but give in to your crazy creations, play with colors, prints, and accessories, and we are sure it will be enough to create amazing and trendy looks.

Showing mood through fashion

Fashion is a great field to experiment, show your emotions, and your creativity. It often reflects our mood unintentionally, but a great fashion style can come out of connecting the two. Every time you decide to put something on, you are at least subconsciously showing a part of yourself, whether it be your sexy and seductive side; casual and friendly, formal, or any other. Many times, certain pieces like jewelry, accessories, or any other item have some value, which also tells a story. So, let fashion and clothing be a part of your self-expression because it will all look harmonious and well-composed with your current mood and personality. 

Learning to shop

Last but not least is knowing how to shop based on your personality and style. Someone who is relaxed and likes casual fashion trends might take a bit more time to decide and find pieces, so make sure you start on time, especially when you have a special event. For eccentrics, we would recommend finding the right stores, which allow you to create unique looks. If you like trendy, feminine pieces, search for inspiration online and stick to it because being a lady never goes out of style.

There is a strong connection between a fashion style and your personality. But not many know that it is precisely there that the secret to great style lies. So, feel free to use these tips and your amazing self to create trendy outfits.