5 Chic Summer Outfits with Jeans


Every summer we have different fashion trends that we are so excited about. This time, jeans are the absolute hit. Although you may think jeans are not a summer item and you pack them deep in the closet to wait for winter time, we are here to show you that you can use them as a part of a perfect summer outfit.

Embroidery jeans for a casual daytime outfit

You can wear jeans for different occasions, at any time of the day. For a casual daytime outfit, a fun choice could be embroidered jeans. Roses and flowers, in general, are popular motifs at the moment; mostly red, pink, or green combinations. You can pick a pair of jeans with a small detail on the hem, or an even more fun option, ones that have embroidery along the side of your leg. These jeans, for daytime, are best combined with a classic white t-shirt, with maybe some details to match the embroidery. A small purse and sneakers or even flat sandals are all the accessories you need. A laced shirt and embroidery jeans create a boho vibe, which has been trendy in the last couple of years. Braided hairstyles or messy buns would make this look even more casual, soft and interesting. 

Straight-leg jeans for a formal occasion

Since our jobs are still there during the summer, it is worthwhile mentioning one outfit that is appropriate for the occasion. Straight-leg jeans, either low-rise or high-waisted, are a good option because they allow you a lot of movement, and they are comfortable. You can pair them with chunky heels and a tucked-in shirt in a pastel color. A blazer in a bright color that matches the shirt is one option that completes the look, and it can come in handy for a chilly morning or evening. Straight-leg jeans can also be combined with a tight striped t-shirt if you want a more casual business look. Pair it with some big sunglasses, and you will look stylish even at work. 

Boyfriend jeans for a fun night out

Boyfriend jeans are probably one of the most popular kinds of jeans right now. They are trendy, comfortable, fun and even sexy. Quality boyfriend jeans can be so versatile, but we love them for a night-out look especially. If you are looking for some ideas on how you can style them, try some of the following. Lighter denim boyfriend jeans can be paired with a stylish fitted top from Realisation clothing that is going to accentuate your upper body since the jeans are a bit loose. An interesting option would be a simple white or black shirt, and some pumps in a neon color, which is very popular right now. Loose waves and some big, statement earrings can complete the look. Another good option, if you choose dark denim, is to wear a sequin top. It will make a contrast and look feminine, chick and edgy. A small, black purse and strappy sandals will make the whole look pop even more. 

Cropped mom jeans for a daytime party

Besides boyfriend jeans, mom jeans are the hit for every season. They give a sort of a retro vibe, which is what makes them so interesting, aside from being practical and comfortable. Mom jeans accentuate your waist, giving you an hourglass figure. You can wear them with a crop top in any color and Converse All Star sneakers. A fringe is a very popular festival look, so you can wear it as an accessory on a bag, or get a beige shirt to go with it. A tight corset or a see-through shirt combined with mom jeans will look effortless and sexy because the two create a contrast.

High-waisted slim-fit jeans for a celebration 

High-waisted slim-fit jeans are something that probably every woman has in her closet. They are versatile, practical, and fit for many occasions. However, this time we are going to talk about their use for celebrations of any kind. They can look very elegant and stylish if you choose dark denim and wear them with a cleavage shirt in pastel or any bright color, which will make the whole look stand out. They are the perfect pair of jeans to show off the figure you’ve been working on during the winter. Since they are tight and emphasize your curves a lot, it is a good idea to mix it up a bit and wear a loose shirt, which will make the look a bit more comfortable. A chain shoulder purse and an oversized blazer will make this look wearable for any celebration you will attend this summer. 

Jeans are the most loved item in many closets. We love having different designs, patterns, and styles, and these 5 cover the ones that are the most popular right now. You can wear each to different occasions, and these ideas can help you get some inspiration for your next summer jeans outfit.