5 Fashion Mistakes to Avoid This Summer

fashion mistakes

Women’s fashion is a complicated affair, and it can feel like you need a PhD to know what all the rules are and how to combine them. Not to mention that the trends are always changing. So, when the summer season hits, you want to be ready to make the outfit pairings you need, to look stunning and save your sanity on the ultra-hot days. Tips number in the thousands, but perhaps it’s more important to go over the most common mistakes that women make when temperatures rise.

Too short everything

Sure, you’re warm, you don’t want to be covered up and wrapped like a Christmas present, but going for miniskirts, short shorts, and all other versions of I-can’t-bent-over clothing isn’t appropriate for any occasion, ever. There are other ways to stay cool without looking inappropriate. If you need a transition outfit, this year chiffon overlays have become incredibly popular, so you can still have a mini slip underneath, but then be covered up by the chiffon, while still keeping the breezy feeling. You can also find pieces that have a shorter solid structure, but then have lace or laser cut-out materials to add some length.

Wrong materials

Speaking of sheer materials, don’t overdo it. Yes, it feels the closest to wearing nothing, but that’s also what it looks like, which means it’s not appropriate for anywhere outside of festival grounds. And, sorry to tell you, but denim isn’t doing you favors either. Wearing jeans will make you way too hot, and you’ll be much better off with a light material, wide-leg pant. You can also consider things like lace and crochet materials that are breathable but classy. Try to avoid synthetic materials that will stick to you and potentially irritate your skin if you get sweaty. Something breathable like cotton and linen are your best options.

Ill-fitting swimsuits

There are a lot of swimsuit trends going around. You can find any shape and fit online, and quite a bit of novelty suits as well. Things like cut-outs can be very hit-or-miss, as they usually don’t look the same way on you as they do on the size 0 model they are advertised on. If you want to make sure you’ll always accentuating the right curves, high waisted bikini bottoms are the way to go. They give you the best shape and, if you’re concerned about them “covering you up too much” – you’re in a bikini. You’ll be fine.

Oversized everything

Sure, you don’t want to wear tight clothing that sticks to you when it gets hot. However, you should still follow some rules of shape, because otherwise you’ll end up looking like a shapeless blob. If you’re wearing an oversized dress or shirt, that is really wide on you, belt it with a wide belt at the waist and pull up the shirt to make it puff up around the chest. This is a classic way of defining shape without wearing tight clothing. You can also go for the iconic French tuck if you’re wearing separate pieces or wear something boxy and cropped with a high-waist bottom.

Proper underwear

All the materials are thinner, the straps are narrower and really no matter which way you cut it – you have to do some underwear manipulation. If you’re skipping the completely see-through clothing (as you should), you’re still left with light fabrics in light colors, which will inevitably be somewhat see-through. With this in mind, you want to focus as much as possible on nude underwear, thin or no straps, and shapes that fit with the shape of your clothing. And, if you have chub rub, instead of walking with your legs apart for the summer, just get some nude bicycle shorts and thank yourself later.

Nobody is policing your clothing. You can wear whatever you want and pair it with anything. However – and this is especially important if you work in a professional environment – people will react to how you’re dressed no matter the season, so you can’t just take the summer to get some rest from fashion. There are amazing ways you can experiment and play with fashion, and you can explore style and creativity through it. Remember, if you’re breaking fashion rules accidentally – it’s bad taste. But if you’re breaking rules intentionally – that’s fashion.