Best Career Ideas for Beauty Lovers


Many kids grow up loving makeup. As it becomes easier and easier to obtain makeup products, as well as the growing popularity of the online makeup community sharing ideas and tutorial, it’s becoming all the more accessible to learn the art of makeup and be prepared when you get to choosing your career path. There are many ways a makeup lover’s career can go, and here are just a few ideas to get the cogs turning.

Makeup artist

Let’s start with the easiest one: doing makeup on other people for a living. If you love the whole process of planning out a look and applying makeup, then this is perfect for you. Remember that just being good at applying makeup to your own face isn’t enough, there are things you have to know that you can’t learn by doing a thousand makeup looks on yourself. That is what beauty school and makeup courses are there for. They will teach you how to talk to clients, how to understand their skin condition and face shape. Most importantly – it will teach you how to keep all of your tools and makeup clean and how to avoid contamination. Once you learn all the tricks of the trade, you can go on to find a makeup salon to work for – or start your own!

Makeup blogger

If you like breaking the norms and experimenting with new and unique looks, then the world needs to see that and enjoy your work. Whether you choose to express yourself on YouTube, Instagram or your own blog, you need to understand the amount of work that goes into making it into a full-time career out of makeup. You need to learn not only how to do makeup, but how to edit photos and videos, how to write in an interesting way and most importantly, how to market yourself. There are a lot of people trying to succeed in the beauty blogging world, and you have to put in a lot of work to make sure you get to the top. Enroll in marketing classes and make friends with other beauty bloggers to help yourself out.

Cosmetic tattoos

If you want to do something that leaves a more permanent mark, beauty tattoos are becoming a big trend. Almost everyone and their aunt has heard of microblading (eyebrow tattooing), but you can actually tattoo on all kind of makeup, including eyeliner, lipstick and beauty marks. This is obviously not something you can learn on your own and you will need a certification to be able to work in this business, so enrolling in cosmetic tattoo courses is your non-negotiable first step.

Makeup production and retail

Whether you want to work for a big makeup chain and help people select their perfect match, or if you want to start your own brand of makeup, there are options you can go for. If you want to work in production, then you’re going to need a background in chemistry, because makeup is, after all, a science. But if you want to work in retail, the requirements are a bit more loose, with most places simply requiring a deep knowledge of makeup brands and different styles. You can start and show determination by writing product reviews and posting them on a blog to show that you do understand the nuances of different brands and products.

Working in beauty can be a very satisfying career, but you have to remember that there’s a lot of people out there who want to do it and that you are going to have to be determined and work hard, just like in any other business. If makeup and beauty are your passion and if you want to make your mark in the beauty industry, roll up your sleeves, pick up you brushes and get to work.