With the increasing rise of popularity of both athleisure and its daughter-trend known as workleisure and the ever-changing rules and office dress codes, it’s highly likely you’ve fallen behind the times. There are at least five clear signs that your workwear needs to be dusted off for both women and men, or better yet, donated so that you can make some room in your wardrobe for new pieces. This way, you will get back on track and go from Dullsville to Fabtown. Now, look at the signs, look back at your outfits for the past year and you’ll be able to get a clear view of the fact that change must happen. 

That ‘meh’ feeling 

When you get up in the morning, wash your face and open your closet you feel completely and utterly uninspired. You pick out the ‘whatever’ items that to create the easy go-to monochromatic outfit (and not monochromatic in that cool minimalistic way). You take a quick look in the mirror and all that goes through your mind is ‘meh, it will do. Wake up, it’s not the 70s, your clothes shouldn’t be ‘good enough’ to get you through the day. You should feel empowered and ready to have a great day, not merely survive it. Be careful, because recent research has shown that what you wear has a massive impact on your self-image and performance. You don’t want to fall into a rut, creatively nor style-wise. Add a pop of color to that wardrobe. After all, yellow is the color of the season, and Ultimate Gray is the color of 2021, so be a bit bolder. This is a great time to rock the pantsuit, and what a better color to spark creativity while being on trend than a gorgeous yellow? 

No sign of seasons 

Winter comes and goes, spring becomes replaced by summer, leaves fall and then winter comes back around, and all the while the ‘work’ part of your closet remains unchanged, you just add layers when needed and remove when they’re not. Ring a bell? Have you heard of the phrase ‘look the part’? Well, just like you wouldn’t wear cut-off shorts to a wedding, it’s unforgivable to wear the same clothes all year long. Every season comes with its joys, so bring back the joy. Incorporate some oversized, breezy white shirts into the mix, find a few trendy yet affordable linen suits to add a bit of that summer vibe. Rock the romantic yet work-appropriate pleated pants  a pastel hue. Let the shift of season be visible on you. 

One accessory rules them all

If you don’t know that Andy’s boyfriend (Devil Wears Prada) was wrong when he said ‘you get one bag, put all your junk in it, and that’s it, you’re done’, we’re here to tell you – yes, he was wrong. Accessories aren’t purely utilitarian, they’re powerful fashion items that tells the world who you are. If you’ve been taking the same bag or accessory with every outfit and convinced yourself that ‘it goes with everything’ – you’ve been fooling yourself. You need options, and practical accessories for both women and men don’t need to be drab. For example, here are tons of amazing money clips for men out there that are strong style pieces enough to still make you look incredibly stylish, so invest in a few, ASAP. 

No drinks for me, got to head home

In the era of workleisure, which was specifically designed to make the transition from the office to any social event easy, if you still have to run home after work and change in order to go out, you’ve got a problem. You need to stock up on stylish pants, tons of quality basic t-shirts a nice trench coat and a few trendy blazers so you can look equally stunning at work and then again when you head out to meet people. If you play your outfit cards right, you may even get away with stylish sneakers – these go amazing with dark straight leg jeans as well as that plaid skirt we talked about. 

Grandma florals everywhere

Your wardrobe is in serious crisis if the only floral prints that are to be found are the ones that look like the wallpaper in your grandma’s house. The florals of today are bolder, murkier, the blooms are larger and instead of gentle blooms on nice pastels, now we have powerful blossoms on dark canvases. These florals are an absolute mood and style enhancer, so if you don’t have at least one calf-length dark floral dress, you better rectify the situation. While you’re at it, throw in a pair of floral embroidered ankle-boots. You’re welcome.