5 Ways Fashion Can Transform Your Self Esteem


Feeling good about ourselves is key to the way other people will perceive us. There is no question that our choice of clothes has a lot to do with how we feel about ourselves and our body. Being uncomfortable and constantly fixing your look will not go unnoticed by the people in your surroundings.


So let’s see how the right fashion choices can help us look and feel more confident.

Choosing the right lingerie

We need to start with the first and most important layer of clothing, your underwear. Now if your undies are too small you will not only feel uncomfortable wearing them, but also the contour of your body will be deformed due to the overly expressed lines. As for the bra, size and form  is everything. An uncomfortable bra will have you constantly pulling on it and that is in no way lady like. On the other hand, one that is two small will cut in in all the wrong places making it impossible for you to have a straight back and feel comfortable. So take your time when buying your next bra, and take all of this into consideration, after all it is there to make you look good at all times.

Know your shoes

A great pair of shoes is a game changer. But make sure you are comfortable wearing them, or at least that you can walk properly in them. A lot of young girls opt for 9-inch stilettos and look like they are walking on eggshells, there goes their confidence right out the window. You could be wearing a pair of sneakers and still ooze self esteem. It is all about what that pair of shoes makes you feel. So make sure you choose you new shoes based on comfort first and looks second.

Get beach ready

The beach is we all feel the most exposed. It is the one location we think all our imperfections cannot be hidden. This is why choosing the perfect bikini is crucial for our self esteem. Even if you have an extra pound here or there don’t go running to a one piece, you just need to find your ideal fit. Once again, like with the lingerie selection, it is all about getting the shapes and sizes right. If you still haven’t found the exact model that suits you, take your time browse around stores or online and don’t be afraid to try out different ones. The right bikini will transform your body, accentuating all the right places, and you are sure to feel confident when you strut it on the beach.  

Learn how to use accessories

The right accessories can make all the difference. They are there to divert the eye of the beholder from anything and everything you want to remain unnoticed. For example, a visually stunning scarf can hide your neck area if it is something you feel uncomfortable about. On the other hand, a well placed belt can give you that coveted hourglass figure. And on a bad hair day, there is no need to feel insecure, a great hat will fix that right up, plus it will make an excellent fashion statement. So make sure you know what are the little insecurities that you have on your body and then use the accessories to make them unnoticeable. That way, even on the unconscious level you might be able to forget about them and just go through you day radiating confidence.

Colour is your weapon

Yes, the rumors a true, wearing a red dress does make us feel more confident and attractive. Don’t let your personal insecurities keep you away from bold and vibrant colours. They are yours for the taking. Even if just one piece of your outfit is brightly coloured that is a statement on its own. So introduce some colour into your wardrobe, it is guaranteed to make you feel happier and that in return will raise your confidence levels almost instantly. So chin up, put that bright yellow jacket over your shoulders and just go out and enjoy life.


There you have it, simple yet effective ways fashion can help transform the way we feel about ourselves. It is there to make us feel good and not to get us down. Find what works best for you and make the world your oyster.