How to Match Your Style to Your Personality


Fashion should be considered as a way of expressing our personality. Blindly following fashion trends and just copying manikins from shop windows is not what the great designers had in mind when they created their pieces. Much like art fashion design is there to inspire us, intrigue us and help us express ourselves.

In this article we will discuss some great ways you can use fashion to express your personality and stand out in the see of lookalikes.

Match your outfit to your mood

Dressing opposite of the way you actually feel can really ruin your look and you might seem as though you lack any fashion sense. Our mood is what determines our ability to make an outfit work. For example if you are depressed and moody, wearing a bright red dress won’t work, it will seem that the dress is wearing you due to your lack of confidence and energy. It is much better to stay in the pastels and neutrals, since going towards darker shades and black might even worsen your mood. On the other hand if you are feeling elated and confident you should pick the brightest most daring outfit from your wardrobe as you are bound to be able to pull it off with the sheer positive energy you are exuding.

Don’t constrain yourself

Remember, you can use fashion to show the world who you truly are and that’s why it is important to push the boundaries and not let the so called ‘rules’ of how we are supposed to dress confine you. For example, if you are a fun and quirky person, why not get a pair of period underwear and make something that is a bit of an unpleasant subject into something relaxed and fun. Just knowing that you are wearing them will bring a smile to your face all day long. On the other hand if you feel that you want to add a flair of mystery to your outfit, because that’s how you are feeling today, some large frame glasses or a wide brimmed hat are totally acceptable even if it is not summer.

Create your own look

There is no better way of expressing yourself and your personality than creating a wardrobe selection that suits you the most. You can create your signature look, one that will make you feel great and tell the world your story through fashion. And with each new fashion trend you can simply pick out the pieces that match your idea the most and implement them in your outfits. That way you will stay on point fashion wise and still be yourself. Finally, make sure that you find that one aspect that all your outfits will contain, something that people will look at and say, ‘Oh, that’s totally you!”. It can be a certain color pallet, or a memorable accessory like a scarf or a flashy belt.  Of course, powerful, fun shoes are always a great option.

There you have it, you can now play around with fashion and find the look that reflects your true self. What better way of expressing yourself is there than being able to wear on the outside what you feel on the inside at any given moment in time.