Why men feel empowered by women who are dependent?




I want to bring awareness that men should feel empowered by themselves regardless if a woman is in more need of her man or if she’s independent.

I have a lot of single independent successful beautiful inside and out girlfriends. Many of these beautiful independent powerful women don’t have a man in their lives and find it very difficult to even get a date, let alone have a husband.

I hear time and time again, many women making statements that it’s going to take a very strong man to stand with me by my side because they’re so intimidated by my success or independence.

When actually I think to myself why wouldn’t a man prefer his woman in today’s world to bring in income that can help provide for themselves to have a very comfortable life together doing things and contributing to their relationship as a team?

Also, as I’m am a mom myself and I know many women may not have jobs that are full-time moms and that’s a full-time job in itself ! Right?! That’s definitely more than okay! I’m not saying that women who take care of the homefront or have their husbands completely provide for them that is wrong or bad I’m simply stating that an independent woman who is financially secure should be an extra blessing for a relationship and the family.

Having financial security by both parties gives so much more opportunity for a couple together, so they have opportunities to experiences the financial freedom, romance, & travel. It also provides more for a family so both contribute to colleges and education and health care for their children. When a couple can both provide financially and have that financial security they can also make great choices for their elderly family, that may be in need of health care or assisted living or elderly placement.

To me it doesn’t matter who makes more money the woman or the man, as long as both are truly working together as a team.

I guess the point of this blog is for so many women out there who are independent keep doing what you’re doing, don’t feel that you have to dumb yourself down so that you can attract a man or boost a man’s ego so that you can land yourself the husband, because fulfilling your own destiny and following your own passion and dreams will lead you down a path to your perfect man your Mr. right.

Keep doing what you’re doing be the best you can be whether you have a job or not! love your self be true!

Light & Love

Samantha Bennington