Watermelon! It’s such a fantastic fruit! Red, juicy and sweet are some of the favorable features of watermelon. Being packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients, this amazing fruit is great for your health.

Watermelon benefits:

1) Great for your skin – watermelon helps to reduce signs of aging and wrinkles. If consumed often, it can lead to better skin health.

2) Helps reduce acne – did you know that you can use watermelon as a face wash? Just cleanse your face and apply the watermelon juice to your face. Leave for a few minutes and repeat during the week as a natural remedy.

3) Provides antioxidants – fights against free radicals and reduces cancer risk

4) Helps with weight control – low in caloric content

5) Helps reduce blood sugar spikes – its fiber content helps to lower the glycemic index of this fruit which helps in reducing blood sugar spikes

6) Hydrating – watermelon is a natural water source. It has about 90% water content and helps to reduce the risk of becoming dehydrated


Watermelon is such a rich and beneficial fruit to include in your diet. It also helps to increase blood circulation and provides anti-inflammatory properties. You can add watermelon to your diet in many ways!

. Juice it! – make drinks

. Slice it! – eat it

. Salad it! – add it to salads

Consider adding watermelon to anything in your diet. It really is beneficial to your overall health and wellness. Treat your body right and eat watermelon!


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