I have been doing a lot of traveling this summer and this will explain the MIA on my writing. I do practice & walk my talk. So I have been extremely in my moment. Embracing every sense of thought, smell, taste, touch & any & all experiences.

Some adventures this summer I have taken with my son, some alone and some with friends. I have gone with my son and with family friends . I’ve even been on trips with complete strangers, and have been very alone in some scenarios.  Traveling with a friend, a friend of a friend, & living with complete strangers on a boat in the middle of the Indian ocean, now that something to write about .

Let me start off by telling you where my journeys have even begun since I’ve been doing a lot of traveling this summer and I’ve been all over and so each blog is going to be a reflection on the different people and situations I’ve encountered because I can actually have a topic on every scenario and something to say about it and apply it to some, “Life Coaching New Perspectives”.

I Had taken a break initially because I have some major construction at my home with a water leak if you recall from my previous blogs. And after speaking with mutual business partners and told them that I would be traveling and doing some serious soul-searching experience life adventures so that I could evolve within myself and share with all my clients, readers, friends, family, associates and new prospects in business and personal.

And right before this traveling began I decided to go back to school and become not only a Certified Life Coach but a Certified Theta Healer and then I took it even further and finished completely with my Certified Advanced DNA Theta Healing. That is a mouthful & what an experience that was in itself! Much to write on that topic as well!

I wanted to grow beyond meditation, yoga, & my life experiences. Beyond my entire life coaching experience even before you could get certified & go to school for such an amazing career! I want to push myself in excel with my education and be a great role model for my son and everyone I encounter personally or professional etc.

Even within school and practicing with other healers around the globe. It became very relevant to me that I was ready for some more adversity. It’s interesting when you’re pushing yourself to excel and grow. Note: Be very selective who you choose to work with in the scenarios. It’s like taking a new job! Do you want to work with these people that is a question you need to ask yourself?

You should always try to put ourselves in the best situation possible but again to grow sometimes we need the universe to place us with people or situations that are going to be challenging from every perspective. The key here is that it’s not awful or horrible the keyword is challenging and how we make choices to get through to the other side there’s a song for every occasion!!! break on through to the other side. Love you Mr. Morrison

So, this summer I decided even in balance to take my son to Puerto Rico with our dearest friends and a gentleman who works in the music industry with me, him & his ex are dear friends. She is Puerto Rican and their son is Puerto Rican and they reside in Puerto Rico. They wanted to share with us their country and culture now I have been to Puerto Rico before but my son has not & this is going to be something new.

I didn’t mention names & will not throughout my blog & blogs to come, out of their privacy. However when my family & friends read this, they will know whom I’m speaking of & I want you to know how much I love all of you & I’m grateful you are in our lives. Thank you for the love, laughter, tears, & experience in advance, I wanted to say that!

Then there was a surf trip to the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia with one of my dearest girlfriends whom I’ve known for years & our son’s have grown up together. What a journey for two females to take on!  This trip had me on the longest indirect journey I have ever encountered! Some places this journey took me to: Tokyo, Singapore, Jakarta, & Pandang. All before stepping one foot on the boat I would live on for 10 days straight and it’s called the Alyssa. This trip for me was on my “Bucket List”, even without me surfing (way out of my league those waves are & it was a dream I was making come true) in the most humble of manners I might add!!! I do think my travels to South Africa were longer however we only made a quick stop to Heathrow, a show, my band & friends & a lot of shopping in London. Now that didn’t suck! way home a gas up in Heathrow much easier and still long travel but pleasurable. Very different from this journey to say the least!

Then I had a gift and in impromptu Hawaii Labor Day get away for my son & I with one of his best friends & his mother who is a great friend of mine & well she is Greek & I’m Greek & italian, so you can just imagine the spice, laughter, and fun!. This trip was short but sweet. Exactly what the doctor ordered. I feel like it was my, “universal Reward”. I will get into details of each amazing experience in frank detail.

Get ready readers.. Like I said I will be writing about the good, bad, & the ugly… also some juicy parts! I will keep it clean but extremely honest & always only through my perspective regarding my direct experience & no others.
Looking forward to share with an intense amount of anticipation on my part!!!!

Light & Love

Samantha B