Clean Out Your Life Not Just Your Closet

So as the holidays are approaching fast & everyone is rushing around, some happy and some sad, these sad emotions are literally weighing you down. Some people have a very difficult time around the holidays experiencing the loss of a family member, a job, a lover, and maybe a pet. We all have things in our lives that we miss or hurt over.

When some people say “I hate the holidays” I can’t help but think that is an excuse. They’re probably struggling every day with negative emotions that weigh them down.

Acceptance is a very helpful tool. Accepting the fact that someone has passed and this is the natural way of life and realizing we are all the same energy may help this emotion. Accepting this will help, please trust me. Time heals al wounds and the doesn’t mean we forget. So please do not replace this with guilt for moving on. Moving on is natural as well.

Being let go or laid off at the holidays or anytime is very hard no doubt. However, remember that everything happens for a reason. Seriously!!! EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Stay positive, do you best to get back out there & eventually (hopefully immediately) you will find yourself at a new work place, happier, or an opportunity to start your own something may occur. The tool here is, you have to put forth the effort & exhaust all options. If you find yourself making excuses “it’s the holidays, I will wait for the new year etc.” well those are excuses to mask your fear or laziness. If you can afford to take a break & want to, by all means go for it. I’m saying this because at a loss of a job/career getting stuck in a rut only makes things worse! You know this is true.

If you have had a break up & find yourself lonely or heart broken. The tool is to recognize it, feel to heal, let it out, cry it out, regroup, get some rest if need be, & then allow your friends, daily, holiday gatherings to provide a healthy distraction. Get back out there and know you are a human being and when your ready you will meet the next great relationship or at least have fun until you do!

Life is supposed to be lived, we are blessed to be alive. Make the most out of your life. Distress, get rid of toxic friendships & relationships. Nothing needs to be that hard. I know from experience being in the wrong relationship will wear you down! Not a good time.

So take a look around who & what is in your life and I bet you have much to be thankful for!

I’m wishing you the happiest holiday’s filled with love and joy!

Light & Love, Samantha B