“I am Royalbaby”
Music Video: “Nu Boiz” by: Royalbaby

I have a very unrealistic dream that requires full vulnerability because people will either choose to accept me, or judge me, in the sense of who they perceive me to be. As an artist, a public figure, a model, a leader, or even as an independent, people love to judge. I’m hoping that with my new pop song, I can bring judgers together to poke fun of the pop genre and shine some fun on my viewers. This video is a playful take on boys and girls where we are both so competitive, yet smitten with each other. This pop video was inspired by Katy Perry and Taylor Swift music videos where a storyline derives the video. As Director and the artist represented in the music video, I wanted everyone to have fun whilst shooting because that was the only way it would be fun for an audience to watch. All the girls in my video are my friends and Mia Koo is even the Producer of my song, “Nu Boiz.” The “Nu Boi” who rides up on a vintage Cafe Racer Motorcycle at the end, is my boyfriend, which is why I looked so obviously giddy in the last scene.

My goal when casting was to show real girls: independent girls who are inspiring by their confidence and personalities. I wanted to reveal that guys and girls are both naturally competitive, but not always do the guys win. Since women are always portrayed as the eye candy in music videos, I wanted to show some hot guys doing the car washing. I spent 3 months writing, shooting, and editing this music video and I couldn’t be more proud of the outcome. I know my hopes, desires, and dreams are unrealistic, but that’s what makes it all the more reason to prove that dreams can come true if you dream it hard enough. I want the world to know about the similarities between men and women and that there aren’t that many differences. I want everyone to know just how cool we girls really are. No one should be shocked when someone unique walks by; we are all unique, and that’s what makes us beautiful. The lyrics for this song remind us that “there are plenty of fish in the sea,” so don’t let any one person bring you down. If that one person did bring you down leaving you clueless, then move on because you’re one step closer to finding someone to have fun with… #nuboiz

“Nu Boiz” Lyrics: BACKSTORY
Mia Koo and I wrote this song after a tough break up where I almost gave up my dreams to be with someone who didn’t care about my well being. I was holding on for dear life to something/someone that didn’t exist. Some relationships are invented, some are rehearsed, and most aren’t found yet. I have found that when you can let go of the bad, the good will find you.