I can’t tell which is more fashionable: eating what I want, or wearing what I want. Food is porn. Especially those slow motion fudge cake-popping videos. But shopping is also porn! I mean, grocery shopping that is. Everything you could possibly conjure up, all confined in 8 aisle’s. They’re labelled too! What kind of porn do you want? Girl on girl SNACK aisle, drunk sex ALCOHOL aisle, morning sex homemade freshly baked goods section, ORAL sex along the back where you can choose from every type of juice and milk, etc. You get the picture! Okay. Maybe I’m a porn addict. Food-porn-addict, that is.
Confession! Of course I’ve walked by a tiny $30 piece of cloth from Madewell and thought, “yeah! I’ll just skip lunches this week and be able to fit in it next week!” But now that I’ve tapped into my conscious, WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING? First of all, not eating right can screw with your growth in all terms: height, weight, hair, skin health, and can even mess with your vision. So was I willing to cause permanent damage to my body for some string from a retail store that doesn’t go above size 0? Yes. Why? Because I want to look like all those Instagram selfie models!
Apparently it looks cool now to not eat. It used to be that if you were too skinny, you were considered poor and those that were fat, considered rich and wealthy. I know we’re in 2015 now, but have we really changed food into fashion? I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking Arby’s. Just kidding! I’m not advocating everyone wearing Walmart jeans and goodwill shirts and gaining a hundred American pounds, but if you want to, feel free; we do live in a free country (thank goodness)! But if you’re shopping for clothes and wonder if you should minimize your grocery list for that article of clothing, don’t.
Do not alter your own needs over your wants. This applies with food too: instead of picking up the regular lays, pick up baked lays. Or even just Apple slices instead. Do what you can to be healthy and reach within your limits, don’t try to be someone else, ever.