We all will have that moment in our lives where we look at ourselves and wonder, what went wrong? This is only because of self criticism where we ourselves are our toughest critic. Do we suffer momentarily in silence, in public, with someone, or without anyone? What is the proper format to having a break down? Should we feel normal or is it normal to feel crazy? As humans, we are natural born social beings, thus explaining the pure necessity for human to human contact.

I recently experienced my own personal nightmare. With no control or conscious over my own body, I realized too late that I had poisoned myself with liquor and was captured by a monster. Nothing artificial, except artificially repulsive: I was part of a premeditated plan, a plan in which my knowledge wasn’t a part of. This is my third tragedy in my 22 years of life. After my second tragedy passed, optimism played in my favor after I read in a “science of the mind” magazine that stated you can only have 3 tragedies in life before your mind breaks down and you go crazy. I’m happy to inform you that I have experienced three of what I would consider to be tragedies, and I have not yet gone crazy. I have, on the other hand, broken down.

In a huge way, I’m already a different person. I don’t know yet if I’ve changed for the better or worse, but I know now what makes me truly happy. As a Virgo, it is in my stars to do more for others than myself, but in this chapter of my life, I’m choosing to adhere to my needs at the moment which are my family, best friends, and spontaneity. We are all figuring out our own definitions for the meaning of life, which is why we must each find our comfort zones. Cancel out what overtly stresses you or destroys your ability to take control. Find what makes you happy and follow a direction that inspires you.

Take chances and never have regrets, but know your limits in keeping everything within moderation and know that the world is everyone’s to take. So it’s not about what went wrong, if it ever did/does; it’s about knowing and attaining what you know to be right.