If you ever feel “stuck” or ” spinning your wheels “,  and not getting the results in your life that you want, you might want to consider looking at your options and making some necessary positive changes.

Sometimes when we make changes we have fear attached to that because it’s the unknown. We don’t know exactly what to expect because were making changes & we’re not quit  accustomed to those changes just yet.

Take note that this part of the “change” is exciting.  So let’s turn that emotion of fear into excitement and let’s get busy in our minds with distractions to help facilitate our desired choices and changes to help create our goals that are now not just in thought or theory but our goals that become tangible making all the change worthwhile!

Remember,  when we create a change in our life it creates energy shifts and sometimes we find our goals starts becoming reality much faster than we had expected but go with the natural flow, keep focused, and I always say , “keep your eye on the prize”,  and remember to do your best to ground and have “still time” to contemplate your next move.  This time of stillness that you give yourself creates the ability to reflect and when we reflect we receive many answers that help launch us into our future .

I wish everyone a wonderful last quarter of 2016! let’s get busy and focused on wrapping up all of our goals and dreams so that we can begin 2017 on the right path and clear path.

Light and love,

Samantha Bennington