If she flirts with every guy using the eye, 9x 10 she’s going to ride
She’s a scandal in the books, trying to use her looks to get every guy hook
And she doesn’t even care if she stares at her girl’s man,
But how can you be mad at a girl with no morals, standards or codes
she only doing what she knows and what she knows is to always keep that pussy on go.
You should never turn your back on an attention queen because no one man can please her fantasies
So she looks for these
A nigga with an eyesight
Anything with a pipe
The need to be wanted is her own disease in her own right
She’ll eye down the town if they all come around
With every look she feels wanted, so she wants in
So be weary of the thirst in the skirt
but these days they begging for it in the leggings.