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Sunday 7 March 2021
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The 5 Different Breakups You Will Probably Have In Your Life

The 5 Different Breakups You Will Probably Have In Your Life

Everyone has different experiences when it comes to dating. Some people find that one special person and stick with them for life, and others have to go through a series of breakups before finding their match. Breakups are never easy, no matter how minuscule they are, but they can all affect you in various ways. While no one person has the same exact experience, we do all face a lot of similar breakup situations. Here are 5 types of breakups that you may or may not experience in your life; maybe you have experienced some or all of them already:

1. The Meaningless Breakup

This breakup is usually the one that happens after only a couple weeks or so of dating someone. Because you didn’t have a solid amount of time to get attached to that person, it doesn’t take you very long to get over them, no matter who did the breaking up. It can sometimes hurt at first, but you’re quick to realize that it’s no big deal and that you’ll be completely fine.

2. The Text Message Breakup

The current generation practically invented this breakup method. When you’re broken up with through text, Facebook message, or any other form of social media, it can feel like a complete slap in the face. People tend to use this method because they are too afraid to do it face-to-face, or they’re just that rude. This kind of breakup can sting, especially if you had been with that person for awhile, but it also makes you realize how weak that person is. You won’t be afraid to see them out in public because you know that they should be the one fearing you.

3. The Bruised Breakup

I call this the bruised breakup because the healing process of the heartbreak is similar to the healing process of a bruise. It hurts a lot for a little while, but then it gets better before you know it, and you’re good to go. This breakup typically happens when you’ve only been dating someone for a few months, but it can also happen after other lengths of time, depending on the person and situation. You understand that a bruise vanishes with a little time and patience, and so does the sadness of a breakup.

4. The “Breaker-upper” Breakup

This is the breakup where you are the one doing the breaking up, rather than the other person. *Side note, this could be combined with some of the other types of breakups sometimes, but I feel like it deserved its own category.* Even though you’re the one doing the breaking up, it still might not be any easier. You made the decision to let that person go because they weren’t right for you, but you’ll still feel a little sad, even if it’s just for a brief period of time. As long as you did it in a respectful and mature way, you’ll tend to feel pretty good about your decision soon after, and you”ll be ready to move on.

5. The Hardest Breakup Of Your Life 

If you have to experience this type of breakup, you know the true definition of pain. This is the breakup that you never wanted to happen. It’s typically a breakup that happens after being with someone for a long period of time. You literally feel like your heart was ripped in half, and it will take you a long time to get over it. You usually will drown your sorrows in ice cream and spill out your feelings to close friends so much that they eventually get sick of it (but will continue to listen anyway if they’re good friends!). You feel like the world has ended and that you’ll never be able to move on. But once you do reach that point of letting go, you feel like a huge weight has been lifted, and you are transformed into a better version of yourself.

Even though some of these can be combined depending on your own personal situations, I believe that a lot of people have gone through these types of breakups in their life. Breakups are never fun and they’re not always easy, but you will always be able to get over them, even if it takes you an extreme amount of time. If you move on at your own pace, you will feel so much better in the end, and you’ll learn that you weren’t meant to be with that person. Breakups are a normal part of life, and it’s something that we all have to experience at one point or another (unless you’re extremely lucky). So the next time you’re going through a breakup, just remember that it happens to the best of us, keep your chin up, and search for a better day.


Laura holds a bachelor of arts degree in television arts and creative writing from Bradley University. Her passion for writing started at a young age, and she hopes to succeed as a writer in the future.