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In the last few years, the women’s movement has been at the forefront of social discourse. From the fight for a women’s right to choose, equal pay, freedom of sexuality and most recently – the #MeToo Movement. We have made a lot of progress, but there has been one movement missing from this collection and that is one promoting female unity. How many women have been victims of unwarranted gossip, blind hatred and jealousy from other females? I think we have ALL experienced that in every capacity, as it is almost an expected part of the female experience. Why is it so hard to bring women together? Well, competition of course. The irony of this ancient ideology is that this competition only stands to bring men more power over women. Two starlets fighting in the media? Well, that makes the male executives more money – any attention is good attention. Two women fighting over a man? Let’s increase this cheaters ego to the max, while devaluing each other. Men love to see women go at it over them and it begs the question: is he really worth it if he would put you in a situation? Women birth leaders, artists, presidents and geniuses; we bleed every month because we produce life. We have the power and we shouldn’t forget our invaluable contributions. I will use my own experience as an example to show what we can do better as women, and as human beings. Since I was a little girl, I have always been different. I have a genius IQ and I am profoundly gifted. These are attributes which I did not choose, I was born this way. I didn’t have any more control of that than I did over the race I was born into. Yet, these traits have made me feel that something is wrong with me or that I have committed a crime against society by just being who I am. This isn’t a new concept, it’s called anti-intellectualism. In the last two years, I had to endure this very social phenomenon online. It was most heartbreaking because I was bullied by two people whom I admired: Emilia Clarke, who is an actress on Game of Thrones. It turns out that she is a racist. She called trolled me online and hurled racial slurs at me due to a rumored relationship. When confronted, she hid behind a lie of having a brain aneurism which I find to be disgusting. She also became obsessed with me to the point of lying about having a high IQ in a Rolling Stone interview. Emilia Clarke Trisha Cummings Halston Sage Kyra Santoro Anne Winters Alexis Knapp Rachael MacFarlane Lexi Shoaibi

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Kelly Rizzo Saget

Deuxmoi Emilia Clarke Trisha Cummings, who is a former reality star who appears to feed off drama, was blatant with her attacks, even making fun of my physical illness. She was in a relationship with another man and drove cross country to start attending her ex’s events, when she found out that we may have been involved. Trisha Cummings had become obsessed with her ex, Seth MacFarlane due to extreme insecurities and jealousy towards his alleged new girlfriend. Unfortunately, the stressed caused by her stalking left me bed-ridden in flare from Lupus. I was unable to show up to certain functions. Trisha was aware of this and in her true sociopath nature, she took advantage of that. By showing up she knew that she could invalidate me because by the very low standards of the internet “post or I didn’t happen”; e.i I wasn’t to be believed or even a victim unless I posted a picture with Seth.  She played this game for two years, seeking attention over a disabled woman. Seth has reserved seating for close friends and family. She does not fit under either of those categories.  She was finally turned away and fortunately, it was caught on camera. Unaware that it had be caught on livestream, she continues with con by stating a message implying how close and wonderful the invite she wanted you to believe she had been invited to. The second video was, the point which MacFarlane becomes aware of her, his face is consumed with anger and disgust. However, he holds his composure. In most recently…  Kyra Santoro has began mirror and displaying psycho-active behavior. It wasn’t about love with them, because the man in question was alone for so long and they did not care. They only cared at the thought that he was with someone who was “better.” It’s unfortunate that Emilia and Trisha were involved in a hate crime against a young disabled black woman. How very sad it is to bring another woman down because of petty insecurities. However, this type of behavior is all too common. We as women must first lift ourselves up by working internally on our own flaws and insecurities, so that we can then turn around and lift each other up, with no ulterior motives. As women, we are not each other’s enemies, rather we should be allies. It is unfortunate that women engage in such childish classless behavior, but we must hold ourselves and each other accountable when we hate and bully others unnecessarily. We have to do better.  The purpose of this article is to shed light on this issue of innate competition, that leads to unnecessary hate and jealousy. We all need to make a conscious effort to refrain from such behavior for the sake of our daughters, our sons and our future. The women’s movement has come a long way, and now it is time to take this next step towards empowerment. LEXI SHOABIBI
KELLY RIZZO kiernan shipka ANNE WINTERS Please know that if I temporarily delete my social media its because I am capable of life outside. It’s beautiful. I ask that Fox please take care of this situation which has caused me massive pain and suffering. I’m a 27 year old and a disabled woman being harassed by a Seth MacFarlane’s fandom on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Craigslist and Whisper. They are spreading slander and publicly posting my address. Sending false complaints in about my business and I am ready for this to end and I don’t know where to turn to. I need help! These girls are threatening me and its really unhealthy.  Any assistance would help, please.

The 3 Stages of a Dangerously Obsessive Ex

The obsessive ex, love, and murder. (PsychologyToday)

Above gallery is Kyra Santoro psychotic mirroring episodes and her aggressive obsessive sexual harassment on Craigslist non stop for 3 years to current day. Kyra also began wearing her hair styled as mine. Kyra Santoro continuously baits/bashes, she’s obsessed. Emilia Clarke Above Gallery shows Emilia Clarke’s psychotic mirroring. In constant competition and harassment on CRAIGSLIST. Emilia Clarke has been mirroring me for quite some time, since she began discussing IQ levels and scientific experimentation to try to compete with my intelligence due to her insecurities. She even exaggerated the story about her aneurysm to include the use of 11 to mirror my connection to the number. Then she began using the color red to mirror my timeline. In addition, when I began sharing my fashion designs, she started to post about fashion. When I posted that my body is like J-Lo’s, she proceeded to wear a dress like J-Lo’s. So, the mirroring had been multi-faceted and well documented. In addition, she has been writing ads on Craigslist calling me a BBW constantly in attempts to troll my weight because she is insecure about her own figure. She then have a shout-out to Lizzo as a passive aggressive way to troll the fact that she is writing these ads against me. She has also been guilty of taking away my followers on Instagram and Twitter due to her  extreme jealousy against me. In April 2019, she stopped the engagement on my Missing Children account when there was missing African American boy with autism, and because of her actions the boy was subsequently murdered. Thus, she is directly responsible for that. Her hate is now affecting lives of innocent missing children who I volunteer to help locate safely.
Trisha Cummings‘ psychotic behavior and mirroring. Trisha trolls on craigslists writing fake ads about herself as if MacFarlane would need to. Trisha also began wearing her hair styled as mine. Her attacks have been racially motivated and violent. She has been arrest and is an addict.
Alexis Knapp Alex Knapp psychotic mirroring behavior and trolling on craigslist. She carried on a relationship while pregnant with another man’s child. She stalked MacFarlane at his premiere but was shut down immediately and publicly. Crystal Curely Fan exhibiting psychotic mirroring behavior. This fan obsessively trolled on Twitter. She’s threatened me and it understand the delusion that she is protecting Seth from me. Vicki Krinsky Shown in this pboto is when his cook attempted to intimidate me. Shown above is slander by fans. His exes trolling with Seth MacFarlane I honestly don’t think Amelia and the rest of the women understand what took place because as stated before crazy people don’t know that they’re crazy. So, I’ll explain. The act of mirroring which Kyra, Emilia, Alexis,Halston, Trisha, etc. displayed is byproduct of their mental illness. It’s not just about jealousy but about observing various episodes of borderline personality-in attempts to understand this very complex disease. People with personality disorders can not help themselves but to mirror. Amelia changing her hair and wearing that purple dress was an attempt to insert herself in my “perceived position.” If a person is sane but most importantly, innocent then they will not engage but they are neither… This was the position which I stated that I was in. “Seth has tried to build my trust that’s why he went with Emmy’s with Alex and because they’re like family. He wanted to show me that I could trust him and that he didn’t care about Amelia and supposedly*wanted me. Alex sporting that Lupus purple. She’s a good person. This was the position which I stated that I was in.That’s exactly why Amelia placed, rather, mirror herself in THIS position as me.The need to even act this behavior out, whether you see it as shade or a joke, isn’t sane but an illness. You see, if l was WRONG about all of my accusations then there would be no evidence of the behavior accused. Therefore, it also validates everything which I said that took place while getting my hair done. It’s evidence of her involvement.”Sane” people wouldn’t have a need to engage in such behavior but a person with borderline personality would. Amelia was caught on 4 27# 30. They lack self awareness.. They think that they’redoing something other than acting out symptoms of one’s disease. Symptoms that I was victim to for over 3 years and no one cared because it didn’t affect them. So by her showing up she literally proved the validity of everything that I ever said. Same with Kyra… Yet, Kyra was too dumb to understand what she was doing, along with the rest. Now to put this into perspective. was raped, stalked, sabotaged, humiliated, doxed,harassed, slandered.. just passing the anniversary of my sexual assault, Amelia can not engage in empathy but rather, she continued to attempt* to hurt me more. She’s insane, as are the rest.People who are happy and strive for sanity don’t do that. It takes a special kind of crazy to continue to kick someone while they’re down.Just think about it in terms of this… What do I do with the exception of a response, to provoke such hatred…?? Think about what I do. Post amber alerts, write and never show up to anyone’s events… Seth and I never dated.. we will NEVER date. That’s the bottom-line and it is understood. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. Honestly, Amelia really needs to get over Prince Harry…. you weren’t the only one who turned him down. I wanted to explain this because I didn’t think people understood why this was an absolute victory for me.Common sense if you’re ‘sane’ you avoid it but if you’re obsessed then you never ignore it. The thing is SETH doesn’t want any of them..not a single person has considered that at any time if Seth had any feelings of me being a threat or even a factor then HE COULD HAVE LEAKED A DATING STORY to separate himself from me… A legit dating story. Why hasn’t he? If he wanted any of them then he’s a man, he would have claimed them. Yet, here they are attempting to attach themselves to him. Here I am avoiding it all. Hollywood Hate Crime is verified. I literally don’t overshare on social media… That’s key… My trauma is completely under control. I’m not out here wearing other people’s clothes, hair or personality. I’m literally laid back and normal. I’m not obsessed with my ex and I am real, no plastic. Anything they do now is just irrelevant as they are. Boom. All in a days work, kid. Literally the fact that people obsessively write about me on CL where you literally have to register a phone number, confirm it, write post, confirm it and press end. That’s dedicated to crazy. The most epic display of absolute genius level of stupidity would be that they all attempted to shade me WHILE WEARING EXTENSIONS THEMSELVES..which by doing so, supports the claim of racism because they are only concerned about me wearing EXTENSIONS as a black woman. = Hate Crime My ex was murdered by a woman who displayed these characteristics. We can prevent crimes such as these by further studying these behaviors. It’s crucial to identify the warning signs early on. The psychological act of trolling itself is psychopathic. Evidence. #HollywoodHateCrime Evidence 1.0 #HollywoodHateCrime
Evidence 2.0 #HollywoodHateCrime In response to what I said about nudity in the industry, Emilia tried to spin her story around to change the narrative surrounding her own decisions to do nudity on screen. In response to this, she took away my followers, which proved that she was also taking away my followers away from Amber Alert account: More evidence against Emelia: Evidence 3.0 Section 2: Kyra and the green. Kyra hacked into Seth’s account and mine… Kyra had been fired. Inside the chat, document 1.e had been shared. Docment 1.e More Evidence: More Evidence: She made sure to write Del Amo. She didn’t have to but she did because again she’s a moron. Screenshots are from my Twitter account. I was nicole badass…. Document 1.2 Image 1: Halston had access to the acct because she made sure to get face time after she found out who I was related to. Image 2: After being exposed for leaking a fake blind, Halston doubles down by uploading a picture of that dog but Rachael approves. More Evidence: Alexis was seeking attention because she wanted to get a angry reaction. Literally, cowards. They do it for attention and because they are losers. They refuse to stop harassing me. More Evidence: Trisha put emojis on two ethnic people’s heads in order to “prove she’s not racist” because she has ethnic friends. Beautifully, Trisha commented on this status last night. She’s a racist and he’s obsessed with her. She runs him and his family. All the racists trolls liked her status, the same ones who trolled me online. That’s her posse. Evidence of antisemitism: More evidence against Trisha: My stalkers are dedicated…. but the one account with over a thousand tweets was deleted. After Seth put Kyra back on the Orville, she continued to troll me and harass me on Craigslist. On the first night that she returned, there was an excessive amount of trolling. As proof that she can still see into my account/chat, she had herself tagged in France and Hawaii in response to what I was saying in the chat. After she read my mention of Hawaii and Seth in the chat she also uploaded “Don’t Text Your Ex” in direct response to me. More evidence of what his exes engage in in attempts to gain attention and to garner a reaction is posting videos with guys who resemble Seth in the background to make it appear as though they are with him.
Seth then had this page created to distance himself from Kyra, by showing himself pictured with Halston at his party. Seth did this in attempts to cover up own guilt of stalking and abuse. Seth was carrying on a sexual relationship with Kyra ever since she wrote that transsexual ad last year. I suspect that he will soon go on a pap walk with Halston. He was just doing this to torment me.
All I have ever asked for is to be left alone. Go to HOLLYWOODHATECRIME.COM for more information.
They continue to troll my ex who was murdered, as evidenced below:
Regarding Seth’s Christmas Party:


The True Nature of Trisha Cummings relationship with Seth MacFarlane

Last photo in gallery is a letter from MacFarlane.

Jason Lee a.k.a (JLee)

Jlee is supposed to be pro-black but he’s a fake woke persona. Both Kyra and Trisha are racist but she’s light skin then all that goes out the window, Jim Crow. He was MacFarlane’s assistant so he has all his passwords and information. He claimed to be pro black but he helped racist women attempt to bring down a successful black woman in exchange for sex? ….all while betraying a MacFarlane who helped him when you had nothing…He had the audacity to TRY to talk down to Tyler Perry with one of his racist women. He also single white femaled him and bought the same car. He commented on Kyra’s birthday and set her up so she could pretend to still be on the show.