A Queen is Not Her Crown: Ending Division Between Natural Hair and Weaves

A queen is not her crown, but her reign.¬† I am not defined by the texture of my hair, the color of my eyes or the pigment of my skin. I can’t be put in a box, my purpose is far too great. I love myself for who I am within, therefore, I am confident enough to paint my canvas however I see fit. Who I am, rather, who God created me to be, is so much greater than my outward appearance.

I don’t need a certain type of hair style to be proud of who I am and where I come from, simply because I am who I am and that’s more than enough. Hair is an accessory, just as clothing, makeup and jewelry. It doesn’t define who we are as people in any shape or form. Therefore whether we wear our hair up, down, natural, weave, braids, dredged or otherwise should make no difference to anyone. It is time that we stop all the division.

Just as a woman shouldn’t be defined by the length of her lashes, or the color of her skin, hair shouldn’t be divided into subgroups. Hair styling is a personal preference not a political one. If it were a against the law, then rebellion would be justified.¬†There is a silence that comes with confidence. If you wear your hair natural, then that’s great. If you do not, then that’s great too. Neither should be looked at as better. It’s simply a fashion choice, and we all have free will. We all understand the fact that we were told in the past that our natural hair was not beautiful. The fact is that we are past that stage, and we are now free to wear our hair however we choose. We should not put ourselves down and pit ourselves against each other based on such superficial differences.
As someone who has endured Chemotherapy and lost my hair, I cannot relate to this as an issue. We need less focus on accessories and focus more on necessity. Education. Equality. Freedom.My self worth was never contingent upon my hair but solely calculated by my character and integrity.
I hope the division discontinues so that we may celebrate self expression and diversity amongst us. Stop telling little girls who/what they can or cannot be. In a world full of infinite possibilities… teach them that their choices are their own. Teach them that the power is in their hands, and the future belongs to them.